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[ND] Reduce Magic Shrub footprint in the village and Mountain so it's 2 X 2 just like the Magic Shrubs on the Planet

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  • [ND] Reduce Magic Shrub footprint in the village and Mountain so it's 2 X 2 just like the Magic Shrubs on the Planet

    Can't wait till the large pine tree will be added to our villages again. And assume (!) they have a small footprint. I temporarily replaced the large pines with magic shrubs and actually love the xp and the fact I don't have that many idle smurfs in MV this way.

    As soon as the large pines arrive I need to replace the magic shrubs....unless you adjust the footprint. As you already showed it is possible by adjusting them on the planet I would highly appreciate the same for MV.

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    It would be nice if the magical shrubs on the mv and mountain will get a smaller footprint. The smaller the footprint the better especially on our overly crowded main village and mountain. However, I still have to see beeline alter the size of any past/current item. I think it will be very difficult to alter any existing item without causing major complication on our existing villages. We can still hope though.


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      Forgot to mention the mountain! Of course they need to small as well!

      As for adjustment it can't complicate things in our village? Footprint getting smaller which leaves more room around the base so wouldn't conflict with placed items? And they did alter the footprint of the shrubs on the planet. When they first came out I put my shrubs "alligned" and as you can see now there's room around the base. (Or I am losing it completely)


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        *need to be small (not in the mood to edit). They were 3x3 and now they are 2x2. Haven't made any adjustments there. Only placed a few extra in between. (Yeah planet remains least favorite area)
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      I believe the magical shrubs on the planet had a 2x2 footprint when they were first introduced there, unlike on the mv and mountain where they're 3x3 from the start. In theory, the shrubs on the planet are "new" items thus can have a new footprint. Examples of other existing items that can/might be introduced to new locations with a new footprint are condos on the planet and river segments on the mv/island. I still cannot think of an existing item that had been shrunk to a smaller footprint but I sure would like the magical shrub and many other items to have a smaller footprint. Without any land expansion planned, real estate space is just too valuable.


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        The magical shrubs on the planet just proves to us that beeline CAN make many of our existing items have a small footprint, but the real question is that WILL beeline change our existing items? I think we should lobby more for this idea.


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          Youre right and for sure i added my vote on this!


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            Please, please, please, Beeline!


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              Quadruple please, Beeline!