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[UC] Give us the option to remove and move 1 of the 2 sets of Staircases from each land expansion on the Mountain

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    this idea has been still under consideration for 3 years and hasn't impremented in this update. i got land expansion in the mountain but it's very hard to rearrange the landscape because of stairs. this should be impremented!! please!!!


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      I guess being cheap works in my favor. I only bought one set of stairs for each level of mountain.


      • LightofFire
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        That was a clever decision! As far as i remember in the past there was a request from granpa to built the second staircases on one of the plateaus... I'm all in for structured areas and with the staircases on the third stage of the mountain it's impossible to do this because they are on a completely other Position as the others...

        Please make this happen! We know you could do this! ☺️

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      There where so many add staircase crazy this game makes ya. Only level 33 here.


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        I wish this idea in regards to deleting and rearranging staircases on the mountain would happen this year. It would be nice if the option was made similiar to the bridges in the planet.