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Do I have to have a Facebook page in order to have friends in Smurfs' Village?

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  • Do I have to have a Facebook page in order to have friends in Smurfs' Village?

    Do I have to have a Facebook page to have friends?

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    Hi Ashmashj, Are you on iOS? You can add friends on Game Centre. Not all of us have Facebook and some choose to keep it separate. There's a topic on here to help you get started to add friends, I just don't know how to add the link. Search for The Big Giant List of Smurfs' Village iOS Players or The Big Giant List of Android Players.


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      Got it. Sorry I couldn't copy it earlier. Here are the links ...


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        Thanks chickadee!


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          GC ID: ericasnickname. I play daily and will gift daily. Please add me. Need SV friends!!!


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            how do i connect with other players to send and/or receive gifts?
            i don't have any friends on fb or game center who are playing this game


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              Use the links Chickadee provided above in her second post. The first link is for iOS/Apple players, the second is for Android players. The links lead to the Big Giant Players List threads, where other people looking for friends have listed their game contact information (their Game Center ID or Facebook info). You can add those players, or put your info on the list so people can add you, or both. Doing both probably yields the best results.

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            already connected to couple of players thanks to your reply, worked out perfect :-)