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Can someone help answer a few questions about Reporter's 21 Day Calendar system?

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  • Can someone help answer a few questions about Reporter's 21 Day Calendar system?

    I had a few questions/concerns about the daily rewards.

    During the last updates rewards I backed up up my phone and it took me back a few days on the daily reward, but it didn’t prompt me to catch up with berries and just continued as normal once a day, but then the rewards reset before I got to the end as it took me back a few days and I didn’t get the chance to collect the last box reward. Is this normal? Shouldn’t it at least have prompted me to catch up so that I could get the last box reward before it reset?

    Secondly, I’ve been really busy the last couple of days and missed yesterday’s reward which would have been day 7’s box reward. It prompted me to catch up today with 1 SB, which I did, but it didn’t give me the box reward it just let me continue with pressing today’s reward. Surely if you pay SB to catch up you should still get the reward/s you missed and are paying to catch up with??

    So yeah, kind of annoyed I’ve missed two box rewards due to what I would class as glitches or at the very least, a very unfair system. I’ve played daily since the new reward system was introduced (a year ago?) and haven’t missed a single box reward this whole time.

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    Unfortunately thats how it works.

    People missing the day 21 prize happens quite often. It even happened to me with the holiday updates last year. My device auto updated and I missed the last prize. The reporter rewards are daily for 21 days and if you update on day 20, you will miss the last prize (this time it was just the mushroom umbrella that, if you play the bunny hop game in the grove you probably have a dozen of)

    And the same with missing a day. If you pay the late fee of a berry a day, you do not get to go back and get those prizes. Their goal with reporter is to encourage players to check in every day, and allowing folks to not check in for 21 days, pay 21 berries and get all the prizes runs counter to that (and honestly may not even be possible from a programming standpoint)

    I get how annoying it is. Last year I was on vacation and was only able to get a day’s prize because I dragged my ipad with me as we were sight seeing and found a hotspot.