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Which Mini-Games give out the exclusive rewards needed to unlock Trophy Smurf's Golden Smurf Award?

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  • Which Mini-Games give out the exclusive rewards needed to unlock Trophy Smurf's Golden Smurf Award?

    for the Trophy Island Smurf Hut.

    I received the smurf with fruit basket on his head from Karate game. Mirror smurf from Grandpa’s Spot the Difference game on island. Squash from Detective game on mainland. Can anyone give recollection for the others?

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    Tap the trophy smurf's hut
    tap "Exclusive rewards"
    tap the reward you do not have you get information, from which Minigame you get it.


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      You’ll get more information on where to obtain the prizes if you tap on the black silhouettes 😊

      EDIT: Morning was a little faster 😁


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        Oh, I didn’t think to do that! Thanks 😊


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          Ha! And just like that I got the Smurfette Gimick from the Balloon Pop game. 🎉🎉🎉


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            And just got Greedy’s Gimmick from Chilly Smurf game. 🎉🎉🎉


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              The prizes are available in either the free or SB round..

              Best of luck getting them


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                Don't be dismayed when you can't get all prizes quickly. It took me several months to get the last prize. It was the same for other players. Several weeks of playing daily but not getting the last prize they needed. You might be lucky and get all of them rather quickly, but it's likely that at least one of them takes a while. Good luck!


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                  Yeah, I play on two devices and on one of them I got the squash quickly, in fact I got 5 off them. On the other device it took me 2 months to get the squash.

                  The SB round doesn’t always guarantee a win either. I have won the picture in teh free round and then won it again in the SB round.

                  Basically as Evanna said, you just have to keep plugging away at it until you get them all


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                    Yeah, I’m in no hurry. I remember getting a few squashes and thinking it wasn’t my favorite item. I had no idea then it worked toward a goal. 🤣

                    I haven’t been able to successfully complete caterpillar game, so I probably never will get that one.