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Is Geologist Smurf's Space Hut worth buying for my Swoof Planet?

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  • Is Geologist Smurf's Space Hut worth buying for my Swoof Planet?

    I am thinking to spend SB to get Geologist in space, does he walk around? What kind of crystal does he give out, can anyone share a picture?

    Is he worth 45SB?

    Thank you.


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    I think he just gives you access to these glowing rock formations. He doesn’t walk around the Planet, but has an animation outside of his hut.

    He’s mostly decorative and I don’t think he is a high priority smurf (unless he also speeds something up and I am forgetting?), he’s more of a smurf you should buy if you have extra sb....

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      Id love to get him. He isn't on my menu though??? Where can I get him????


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      Thank you Alleycatt, I shall save my SB for another special smurf then, perhaps will still get him eventually.


      • AlleycatttSmurf
        AlleycatttSmurf commented
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        No worries Kelly☺️ Geologist is still a good Smurf to get, but I know a lot of people put a higher priority on Hut’s with functions and mini games, but it’s good that it unlocks some decorative items. I liked it enough to buy it

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      If you need stardust Sculptor is the one to get because he cuts crater digging time in half.


      • Evanna
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        Seconding that! His statues might not be worth it, but the digging time is.

      • skydiver118
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        Yeah. HIs statues do give you xp per day but it takes stardust to make them so not good if you are running short on SD. However i f you can get at your game regularly, digging for stardust and having scuba diving for resources every half hour is a great way to get those resource totals up. I’m lucky enough that quite often at work I can have the ipad there and every half hour or so get into the game and dive and dust (Or did, I honestly have enough of a stockpile now that I don’t dive anymore......the annoyance of the shells discourages me from diving, but I do dig craters regularly. I always have 12 smurfs working on those)

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      Hi Skydiver, I have bought Sculptor and have been digging whenever I can. Great way to earn SD and have stored enough for building wonder