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What is your favorite change or addition that Bongfish made to Smurfs' Village in 2017?

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  • What is your favorite change or addition that Bongfish made to Smurfs' Village in 2017?

    I started playing in Feb 2017, and it took about 3 months before I figured out how to keep up with updates (duh!). Anyway, as a comparative newcomer, it struck me that Bongfish really made a lot of improvements and fun additions to the game. So I thought I'd ask, what's been your favourite new addition to the game in 2017 - be it new Hut, Wonder, item or something that added to gameplay like the new XP structure?
    I liked so many new items, but I think my favourite has been the Golden Trophy which really helps boost my XP, especially on Mondays when Tracker's around... and it's a super cute hut too! What do you guys think?

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    My favourite things, to be honest, are the bug fixes and their interaction with us.
    They fixed, for example, the planet bug and my planet finally looks the way it should, and the level 88 bug which hit everybody. They also seem to care about the game and the players. They are accessible here on the forum and you get actual customer support and not the complete mess that Beeline was with their rude replies and draft answers showing they didn't even read what you wrote. Beeline might have started well, but their last two years were bad and it got worse and worse towards the end. I think many users here remember with horror the bug that kept kicking so many players back to level one every time they entered the game which meant many didn't play for six weeks (!). Beeline didn't care. I was apprehensive at first when it was announced that Flashman/Bongfish would take over, but it was an absolute blessing.
    As for actual in game content it's more difficult to choose, but I love mini games, so all the new mini games!
    I also love that they did the sheep and hut contest and that they implemented a number of user sheep already and not just the winners! The same will hopefully happen with the huts and it seems also with the planet crops.


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      Some of my favourite changes this year have been all of the land and water expansions and the pathway limit increases.

      My favourite updates/additions this year have been the Trophy Hut Update, The Medieval Update, The Fantasy Update and the addition of the female smurfs and the Lost Village Items to the Grove


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        of course the girl Smurfs and the Lost Village themed updates and items were my favorites of the last year.
        hopefully, i want to see many unstorable items will be changed to storable this year😁


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          I love Bongfish's attitude and communication. It is a refreshing and very welcome change from the past when there was a definite us vs them attitude.

          I love the contests and the sense of community they have brought.

          I love the bug fixes and responsiveness to issues. I think there have been more bug fixes in the past year than in the 5 prior to that.

          I love how people help each other out.

          I love contributing to the game. Being allowed to suggest huts or games or sheep or crops is fun. And even if someone doesn't win the precise contest there is always a chance their contribution will eventually be added to the game.


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            Listening to you all long-time players, it really does seem like I started playing at the right time! Absolutely, Bongfish seem very responsive and competent.
            I forgot my other favourite is the improved Traveler Video Caravan - I'm able to really build up the resources and SB now, and can purchase more huts/expansions and even the occasional Mega Mystery Box!


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              Best of all, Bongfish values this community and all players. Always friendly, always ready to listen to problems and wishes.
              The new XP system is excellent, in the main village the not usable places have disappeared.
              A next big step could be that we can finally invite our neighbours outside of Facebook again.


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                Thanks @AlleycatttSmurf
                Helpful as ever!

              • Cupcake
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                FaryalSia AlleycatttSmurf The amounts do go up with each level, though not by the same formula as it used to be. Unlike AlleycatttSmurf though, I can see a definite increase in XP needed between level 100 and level 115; it is taking about one and a half to twice as long to level up.

              • AlleycatttSmurf
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                Oops sorry Cupcake and FaryalSia I didn’t mean to imply that the xp requirements don’t still increase per level, I just meant the requirements are much much less than before the change was made

                At level 119 it is taking me approximately 2.5 million per 1% of xp, that is previously what the requirements were around level 90. According to the chart made by xorlof it would be 37 million xp per 1%!! That is a pretty massive change😅😅😅

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              My favorite things about 2017 are the improved XP system and the whole Lost Village updates! 😍
              For 2018 I’d love to see a new way to add friends again 😊

              Thank you so much Bongfish for everything you do! You’re doing an amazing job!


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                There are so many things Bongfish has added! I'll just echo what everyone else has already said: I'm ecstatic about the bug fixes, namely the reset to level 1 and 88 bugs. From what I gather, Beeline was really sluggish in getting people back their lost items. I lost some of my items due to a bug, but Bongfish graciously and speedily returned them to me. Despite all of its flaws, I DO really like the MMB. I am really looking forward to additional improvements to be made to MMB and a new friending system. They've really rejuvenated the forum also with their contests. Their xmas gift this year was sweet! I was also really thrilled with all of the expansions and increased pathway limits.


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                  I think I’m gonna hit level 100 right around my birthday, so I should get 100th smurf as a birthday present....this is totally due to Bongfish altering the XP needed to level up. Now I can level up in a week or two instead of a month or more.


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                    For me the first thing is the bug fixes. I lost my entire village to one and had to start over but I stuck with the game. Next is the reduction of XP needed to level up, while it is fun to decorate I like to challenge myself and I was getting a bit bored with the game. The challenge is back and I have made my way to level 122. I don't think this would ever have happened before. They have really made this forum a place to visit daily not only to keep up with what is going on but the contests and interaction with members, this has been top notch.


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                      The best one is from the 1.49.0 update
                      "A Smurfy new update with a Smurftastic new look! When opening the app you will now immediately enter the game after it’s done loading. Speaking of loading screens, those should be faster now too!"


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                        I like the friendly and effective player'support system which was restoring all the losses from the bugs I've bumped into,the xp improvement, the free berries improvement and the daily reporter's improvement which split every update's new content into a big part accessible for free,allowing us to redecorate often and spend our real money for bigger goals!