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Does anyone have tips or suggestions on how to earn and collect a large amounts of Coins?

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  • Does anyone have tips or suggestions on how to earn and collect a large amounts of Coins?

    Other than the obvious (plant crops), is there a way to gain substantial gold in the game?

    I generally do the following:
    - Main Village: plant Golden Corn overnight and during day (if I am busy)
    - Main Village: plant Strawberries during day (if I am less busy)
    - Grove: plant Forget-Me-Knots during day (if I am not busy)
    - Grove: plant Chrysanthemums if I am busy during the day or overnight
    - Island: plant Strawberries during the day if I am not diving.

    I am talking about the rest because either yield is too little or time cannot be managed (e.g., best yield is undoubtedly Blueberries but that would drive me crazy in long term )

    Is there anything I can do, especially in Mountain and Space to get more coins? Preferably overnight? I don't have access to EOs that give you better crops (Garden Shop).

    I also attempted the sandbox and playground items, however it looks like that Bongfish already fixed how they work...

    As context, I am currently L58 with 160K gold. I would like to reach to a state where I don't care about managing crops hourly or I don't care when MITB asks me to harvest 80 Magic Honeydews (they cost a ton!).

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    Have you completed Homnibus’ tome? As I recall Baby and Magician I think have quests you can complete to get 2000 coins per day from them
    Do you have archaeologist on the mountain? As i recall he and Camper both give you up to 7000 coins if you win them. (and if you get trophy smurf on the island and collect all his items to win the trophy you get a mini game boost once a day where all XP and coins are doubled....bear in mind actually accomplishing this may take up to a month or more tho, and you’d need to have all the games that his game covers)
    It’s quite the investment but you could get some magic shrubs going in space. Each 12 hour batch of gumdrops will get you 75 coins per a 30 coin investment. (of course each of those shrubs are 2500 coins so not a lot of immediate return
    Scuba on the island will often give you about half your coins back for every round of diving....10 dives at 250 each will net you various resources and probably half of that money back

    There’s the sandhut that gives you 160 coins per 24 hours (at a 25SB investment)
    There is the heart chest (main village, under furniture down towards the bottom) that gives you 932 coins per 90 minutes....costs you 35 berries
    You can also win the popcorn machine, the chestnut cart and cotton candy cart which give some could buy the clothesline which costs 7500 but gives you 35 coins per 12 hours (so more of a long term investment)

    I think going for archaeologist and camper on the mountain and their large returns (7000 coins potentially to be won up to 3 times a day) might be helpful


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      The best options are planting golden corn & sandbox. The sandbox still works though only one sandbox will work for a day. All you have to do is purchased more playhouses surrounding lone sandbox


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        I think you are doing really well. My suggestion is to be persistent which you seem to be doing! And asking on here is great there are so many helpful members☺️☺️☺️


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          Sorry for the late reply on this one, I was focused on resource management: need to figure out how to build the Volcano in the cheapest possible way

          skydiver118 I did some of the Homnibus' tomes: for gold, I think I only have Magician at this point. I believe Gold is 2000 per day, right. I am looking for something more profitable. That being said, I agree that every little helps, so thanks for the suggestion! Other comments:
          - Camper: cannot do since I always go for Dye (and Wood if that does not work). Resources are much more scarce compared to Gold.
          - Mini-games: always try to play them as soon as they are available unless I am not sleeping. I play / have the following:
          - Main Village: Detective, Memory Match, Miner (this gives good gold), Papa (for XP really), Gutsy (SBs as well!), Flower Hunt, Fishing game (rarely since it takes too much time), Handy (rarely)
          - Island: Karate, Grandpa, Marine.
          - Mountain: Camper, Archaeologist, Egg Hunt
          - Grove: N/A
          - Mountain: N/A
          Would you suggest other mini-games? If so, what?
          - Magic Shrub in space: I actually already have 63 of them as a bad investment. That being said, all my Swoofs are digging for Dye, at least for the moment

          Silver Does sandbox really still work? How much realistically can you collect from it per day?

          Tamara Abbott Thanks. I agree that this forum is extremely helpful (full of nice people).


          • skydiver118
            skydiver118 commented
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            Traveler could help you. He’s in the main village and if you buy him there you get complimentary copies in the other areas. You can watch ads to get resources. so ‘free’ coins, dye, stone, smurfberries and the such

            also look into scuba on the island. He’s good for resources and you get a good return on investment.

            Perhaps if you can get resources from other places you can make a camper mission a day into a coin run. as i recall you can win 7000 coins.

          • kiya15
            kiya15 commented
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            I do Scuba rigorously. If I have a light day at work, it is diving with 50+ Smurfs (most time 80+) throughout the day, every 30 minutes (I actually setup timers on my phone as reminder ).

            The issue with resources is that I am trying to build 4+ wonders at the same time. So, every 2 days (or so?), I need anywhere from 2-3K wood and stone and 1K Dye, which is not that easy to collect. I don't consider Stardust since if I clean crater every 30 minutes, that one is actually pretty easy to get. You are right, if I can manage my resource consumption, I can play games for coins, which would increase my daily throughput.

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          It still working for only 1 sandbox per day. So if you have 10 sandbox and 20 playhouse
          Previously you'll get 50coins x 20 playhouses x 10sandboxes = 10000 coins
          Now you'll only get 50coins x 20 playhouses x 1 (since only 1 sandbox works) =1000 coins

          The profit depends on how many playhouses you can put around the lone sandbox, though I agree it's not that great anymore since the fix.
          Btw, I don't see Lucky Smufs from your island list & Jokey from mountain list. They have some great stuffs.
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          • kiya15
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            Ouch, completely forgot about Lucky (sorry little guy, I guess because your mini-games are not really mini-games ). I do play both rigorously. I will look into Jokey on Mountain; thanks.