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Which colored Huts give you more than one Worker Smurf?

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  • Which colored Huts give you more than one Worker Smurf?

    I saw that there are some huts for normal Smurfs in the game, like the Small Pink Hut, but it only gave me 1 Smurf when I buy it, I remember I put another one and it gave me 2 Smurfs, I'd like to know which one to give more Smurfs. (sorry for my bad english)

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    Hi Emilly, try tap the hut, and you can see '' upgrade '' at the bottom. if you tap that, you can get a Smurf for 500 coins and you can buy one more Smurf for 4 Smurfberries in the next time. so you can get 3 Smurfs from an any normal hut. ( and don't worry about bad english, my english is still bad after 3years in this forum😁 )


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      It doesn't matter which of the huts you buy, the only difference is how long it takes to build them and how they look. You get one smurf immediately and as Yosinori said a second one when you upgrade the hut. If you want a third smurf, you can upgrade for 4 SB which is cheaper than buying one extra smurf in the menu (it costs 5 SB there). So if you want even more smurfs, it's cheaper to upgrade huts for SB than to buy smurfs from the menu.
      The cheapest way to get your two smurfs is to buy the most basic hut, because that costs the least coins, and once that is finished you get a smurf, then you upgrade it for coins to get your second smurf.


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        Another thing to consider....are you impatient? If so, get the more expensive ones that build faster.

        Up to you about how many coins you have and how you want to spend them.
        As the others have said, all huts give you one smurf with a second one for 500 coins (except on the mountain the second smurf all go for smurfberries there)