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If I am logged into Game Center and Facebook will both sets of friends show up on my Neighbor Map?

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  • If I am logged into Game Center and Facebook will both sets of friends show up on my Neighbor Map?

    If I link my Facebook account to my game will it delete my game centre account/friends that it’s currently linked to? Or can I be linked to both GC and Facebook at the same time?

    edit: also, can anyone explain how you can transfer your game to one device from another (both iOS). I don’t need to right now but I’m just thinking when I get a new phone will I have to start again? I tried to get my game on my iPad but it just started from the beginning. Is there a way to sync my game on both my iPhone and iPad at once?
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    I can't answer your first question, but can help with your second:

    You can transfer your game between iOS devices. You can do so via Game Centre. Make sure you have a recent GC save on your iPad - open the game through GC and play a little, move some stuff around (you can move it back again), store some items and place them again, plant and harvest crops, etc. Just make some changes to trigger a new GC save. On your new device, you have to download the app and play through the tutorial. It's normal that it starts at level one. Just keep playing for a while. Then exit the game and force close it (swipe it away). Open it again. You then should get a pop up that tells you that it found more than one game, which one do you want to choose? You will be offered two games, a device game (your new low level game) and an online game (your old high level game); there will be some more info on each, level, amount of coins, SB, progress bar. You can preview both villages. Preview the online version of the game to make sure that it is your current progress on your iPad. Click the back arrow and when it asks you whether or not you want to select that game, click yes. Then you should have your high level game on your new device. It is possible that you won't get the pop up that asks to choose between games for a while. Keep playing the low level game and keep closing/opening it. Sometimes it can be a little slow. But it is possible to transfer games between devices using the same OS (so between iOS devices or Android devices, but not from Android to iOS or the other way around).
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