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[NI] Homnibus' Tome appears to not be correctly counting the amount of Dye that's being collected

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  • [NI] Homnibus' Tome appears to not be correctly counting the amount of Dye that's being collected

    With all things going on with dye not counting at Magician I decided to check if Homnibus would do his job. So I took a picture before and after collecting from all statues. And sadly....dye isn't added up yet again. As dye is behind on all other resources I really want this fixed. Not sure what's going on with dye....hardly any digging on the mountain...a bug with magician...and now again with Homnibus. Please don't tell me it's on purpose 😃.

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    So weird as I on the other hand received an extra dye (received 5 dyes instead of 4 dyes)

    * Picture above taken before and after collecting from all crystal statues (except blacksmith)


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      Tsssskkk....give me my dye back Smurfy Bear 😃!

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    My statue added up dye (I'm not sure 4 or 5) and Magician is also working fine for me. So is Barber ... and I'm not sure, but finding dye on the mountain improved for me, too since the update. I get round about 23 dye out of digging with 70 Smurf. Before the update it was round about 13 ...


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      Magician has been fixed a while ago and barber never gave problems. Haven't really paid attention yet to digging dye after update so can't confirm that. It is strange though that I didn't receive the dye and Smurfy Bear got too many. I'll monitor for a few days and see what happens.


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        Mine's working ok, all resources correctly added.


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          Dye add up is fine for me also... actually I encountered what Smurfy Bear did (got an extra dye here and there - not just with Magician) and Im getting more resources with digging also

          But there is definitely something hinky going on with Homnibus' tomb (my Magician and Baby smurf statues are not giving bonuses since the first one when I placed them)
          And sometimes Im not able to open Homnibus' tomb


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            Ok, now it's working fine with the correct 4 dyes credited.


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     it collected fine... Not sure what's going on?


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                So for me the statues do not work properly. The statue of the wizard don,t work. And the other irregular. Hopefully this will change with the next update.


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                  Which device are you playing on, Catcat?

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