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[iOS] Both Smurfwillow and Papa Smurf have disappeared from my Grove area in version 1.58.1

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  • [iOS] Both Smurfwillow and Papa Smurf have disappeared from my Grove area in version 1.58.1

    Both Smurfwillow & Papa Smurf have disappeared from my grove, clicking on their quests just takes me to the top left hand of the grove.

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    Dnor1972 How long have they been gone? Have you tried closing and exiting the app on your device and then rentering it? If they are haven't been gone long and are still not showing up after closing and reopening the app, try going ahead and recovering to an earlier Saved Village. You should be able to preview the Grove area to see if you can spot them walking around before you recover.


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      Just as a note, Papa doesn’t disappear for me, but SmurfWillow disappears all the time, and I get taken to the top left hand corner, too. As Spelling Bee said, close down your app and reopen it. If that doesn’t work, try rebooting your device. If that does’t work, recover!


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        They have returned, perhaps they were both in Smurfwillow’s Hut doing adult things lol, Thanks for the help fellow Smurfs


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          Papa does the same thing in apace and grandpa does it on the mountain. the reopen the game trick fixes it eery time


          • Cupcake
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            Jokey disappears on the Mountain for me- I think he doesn’t want to give me presents! 🤣

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          I have two Papa Smurfs in my Grove and no Smurfwillow. It's been like it for ages!


          • AlleycatttSmurf
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            Tamara Abbott that sounds like a bug. Did you try and recover as soon as you noticed two Papa Smurfs....?

          • Tamara Abbott
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            I have been in touch with support. They care still looking into it for me. I was actually moving some of the dreaded water tiles around my Grove yesterday and ended up doing a recovery. That BUG!!!!!!