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[iOS+Android] Received a Small Pink Hut from Reporter's Calendar as my Day 8 Gift in version 1.55.0

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    Evanna It happened to at least one other person as well, and seems to be a bug.


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      AlleycatttSmurf My guess would have been that it's a bug, too, yes. Might be best if Kelly Hoon recovered? Or do you think that's not necessary?


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        I too did not get a hut on any day, just the regular prizes.

        I can’t say exactly what they are because I didn’t keep track and some of them fly up so quickly that you really can’t see what they are.

        As far as i know, I understood that everyone was supposed to always get the same reporter prizes.

        As Evanna said, could be a bug.

        If it were Lucky then I’d wonder if they got Baby or Lazy because I know those two can often be gifted to players..

        Hopefully someone can make a screen cap of what they won
        Kelly Hoon Do you know how to do that? Can you post a photo of what you won? If it is a bug knowing the hut could help Bongfish track it down.


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          Hey everyone. I'll make sure that Bongfish is aware of this issue. It's most assuredly a bug, and no one should be receiving the Small Pink Hut as a gift from Reporter's Calendar.


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            Is this what folks are winning?


            • AlleycatttSmurf
              AlleycatttSmurf commented
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              Yes, according to post #6, and #7 confirming it.

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            Sorry guys for the late reply. Yes, the small pink hut, the photo as shared by skydiver.

            I played on IPad.

            i stored it immediately after placing in the village. I didn't recover, is it necessary?
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              Hey All,

              Thanks so much for the reports here about this issue. The team have been looking into this and have mentioned this is now fixed for the new update. If anyone should run across this issue in the future do let us know, you are also welcome to private message me and I can pass the information onto the developers.

              The issue was caused under specific circumstances, everyone from the new update on-wards should not get incorrect prizes from reporter smurf.

              Have a wonderful day!


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                Today I have opened day 15 of Reporter, he still send me the same pink hut. I have not updated, should I recover my game?


                • Silver
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                  It all depends on whether you would like a free hut or not. Some players hardly have any space left in their village so they don't want extra hut and choose to recover the game (or simply exit the game before you could place the hut). If you like the free hut then don't recover

                • Caro
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                  If I were you, I would recover, and not play Reporter until after the next update. The few items you would miss are not worth the risk of a corrupted village. But that’s just me. Up to you.

                • Kelly Hoon
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                  Is there any way to find out or confirm whether my village is corrupted?

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                In this photo, there are bell poles next to the garden plots only when in "move" mode at Mountain. This happened after I have expanded downward with 50 SB (not sure whether it is the 1st expansion with 50SB). After the expansion, I have also lost some pieces of the museum items, which was not placed due to limitation of space. I am not sure whether this is the sign of corruption?

                All other areas seem to be fine.
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                  Kelly HoonI have them, too, that's no problem. But the fact that you are receiving smurf huts shows that something is wrong. The problem is that nobody can tell just how much is wrong with your village. It might not show mow, but if there is scrambled code somewhere it could add up with future updates and you might get future bugs that nobody else has because of the wrong code you have now.

                  It's also possible that it won't ever be a problem. You can accept the risk and hope for the best and hope that once they fix this bug your game is fine, or you can recover and fix the problem yourself. You kept playing though which means you'd lose quite a bit of progress. You have to decide yourself whether or not that is worth it.

                  You might be fine with not recovering if they fix this bug in the next update; if you want to be sure you'd have to recover. (Then again, what caused the problem for you but not for others? Maybe there are some things wrong with the code of your game already and this update added to it and created the problem. So who knows if recovering would fix just this problem with another still existing, or if it's a random fluke and you'd be okay once you recovered and they added the bug fix in the next update. Or if the bug fix is all you need.)


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                    Kelly Hoon The issue with your Garden Plots should be fine, that's a known bug and not a problem to worry about. The Small Pink Hut gifts is also not necessarily an indication of corruption for you, as I believe the Development Team found the bug that was causing them to appear in the first place. As Vintoxi explained earlier, this bug only affected some players under certain conditions. It wasn't widespread, and there shouldn't be any lasting negative effects to your game. The Small Pink Huts should not longer appear as gifts from Reporter once you update to version 1.56.0, which was released today!


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                      Thank you all for your advices.

                      I will leave the huts in store and take the risk, but will update to 1.56.0.