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[iOS+Android] Little Ghost's Spooky Ghost Event is impossible to complete on smaller devices

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  • [iOS+Android] Little Ghost's Spooky Ghost Event is impossible to complete on smaller devices

    Please make the Halloween box event little ghosts bigger,or make the event to give success even if you miss 2-3 ghosts.It is almost impossible to win it playing on a mobile in a fully expanded village, i keep clicking some ghosts 5-6 times,always some ghost has spawned in the corner of the device and I need to zoom out to click on it,then I run out of time.Since my village has a lot of trees and items,i will be loosing too some times because ghosts spawned behind items but i don't want to "strip"my village,if game becomes like Enamoured where flowers get clicked easier and you win even if you miss 2-3 flowers.

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    Hi, Irene. There are more ghosts each time than the 20 required to get a prize- I,d estimate at least 3-4. Make sure to click on the ghost itself, and not the bouncing sign! I, too, have a fully expanded, crowded village, but if I go section by section, I can find them all. Hope this helps!


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      Hi Irene, as Cupcake said there are always more Ghosts than the required 20. The game is set up exactly like Enamoured's event. Also the Ghosts should never spawn behind anything.

      I also have a full and fully expanded Village and when I play on my phone it is a bit harder than on my iPad, but I still win every time I play on my phone. Try zooming out part way (not fully) until you see about one sixth of your Village at a time going from one side top and bottom to the other and tap directly on the Ghosts bodies as you go. You should only have to tap them once using this technique (I find fully zoomed out on my phone I have to tap them 2 or 3 times). Good luck!!☺️


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        Thank you for the tips,i will try them,i can't agree Halloween box works like Enamoured,i play them both 2-3 times daily,i always win at Enamoured because the flowers are easier to tap and their colour and size makes them distinguish more and when I see flowers spawned at the corner of the phone I just leave them,still by tapping at the rest I win,with ghosts I end up like 17/20 since I search to find them,sometimes i need tap them 5-6 times,they are slim and white so using zoom out when they spawn near white items I don't see them.😆


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          I wonder if maybe a stylus would help? I play on an iPad and usually have to tap each ghost a couple times to clear it. They are pretty darn small. I can't even imagine trying to hit them on a smaller phone screen!
          A fine point stylus might be helpful for more accurate (and therefore faster) tapping? I don't have a one so I haven't tried it.