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Sneak Peek at the contents of the Smurfs’ Village iOS and Android version 1.71.0 Christmas Update for the Main Village (Part 2 of 2)

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  • Sneak Peek at the contents of the Smurfs’ Village iOS and Android version 1.71.0 Christmas Update for the Main Village (Part 2 of 2)

    Dear Smurfs‘ Villagers!❄️

    The Sneak Peek for our second Christmas update is here! Get ready for festive hut customizations🏡, lovely Holiday Candy items🍬, and a very special Christmas gift from all of us to you!💙

    Note: Have fun with our guessing games, but don't forget to use the Spoiler tag: Spoiler and /spoiler with [before and] after each guess! To practice learning how to use the Spoiler Tags, you can check out this topic here:

    👨‍🍳Greedy is back with a smurfy Christmas Event!👨‍🍳
    • Can you catch all mischievous creatures before time runs out? If you do, you will be able to win 8 smurftastic Christmas prizes! Ready.Set.Smurf!

    🎄Decorate for the festive celebrations!🎄
    • Decorate your smurfy huts with 3 new festive customizations!
    🎁A smurfy Christmas Gift🎁
    • Wait and see! Unwrap this gift on Christmas Day!
    🌟A shiny new skin for our favorite Smurfs’ Village villain! 🌟
    • He always wanted to be a Star, now it’s his time to shine!
    🕵️A thief makes his way into the Mega Mystery Box!🕵️
    • From which Christmas episode could this one be?
    ❄️A magnificent Wonder for the cold and smurfy Winter days❄️
    • Smurfs love skating in Winter, so what could it be?
    ☃️Many festive decorations for any smurfy celebration!☃️
    • Festive sheep and smurfy lamps, gifts everywhere and sweet Christmas items you can only dream of!
    🛍️Exclusive Offers such as 🛍️
    • A sweet and tasty Christmas Shop, a mischievous Gingerbread Band, an evil Christmas foe, a festive ice hut, nutcrackers and more!
    🦌 Smurfy features🦌
    • A new max level (144)
    • Smurfette’s annual Christmas Outfit will be back!
    • Our Smurfy Tree Wonder will get its annual festive look!
    • We have added missing stone pathway tiles to the Mountain!
    • Introducing a cute new loading screen when you enter your smurfy game!
    • A newly designed Level 1 starter village!
    • We've made lots of older items storable! (a smurfy list will follow!)
    **Please note** Despite our best intentions, it is possible that some of the update contents may change before it is submitted. We hope you understand.

    • Our update is expected to be released next week! Please note that this is just an estimate and may be subject to any unforeseen delays.
    • We have christmassy Giveaways and Contests on their way!

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    Twinkiepie Can’t wait, thanks


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    I'm so excited to see what's coming up next!!


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      Ooh this all sounds exciting!! I hope the Wonder is what I think it is, and can’t wait to see the Christmas Gift!!🤩❄️☃️🎅🏼🎁🎄🌟✨💫


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        This sounds like fun! Can’t wait! 🎅🏻🎄🤶🏻


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          So excited for part II of a Smurfy Christmas.

          I always enjoy the present from the developers. They will have to go some to beat the wondrous Snow Globe.

          Love customizations for the huts.

          A Christmas Bakery perhaps and a festive Ice Hut-sounds wonderful.


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            it seems Christmas mansion hasn't been implimented this Christmas😭😭😭 but it seems there are a lot of additions and changes in this update and i'll enjoy Christmas anyway😁 hope a great surprise in the Christmas gift box!!🎁🎁🎁


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            How exciting... I hope the wonder is what I’ve been hoping and waiting for.


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              Oh Wow! I can’t wait! 💙💙💙 Thank you Bongfish for Christmas 🎄 Part 2 🎁🎁🎁


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                Yipee , a new game and a thief in the mega boxes . A Christmas box to open ..... sounds absolutely amazing.
                thank you so much bongfish ❤️❤️❤️❤️


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                  Hi everyone! We know that you are all excited about the Christmas Mansion and can't wait to see it in the game. Some of you have been wondering why it was not mentioned in either of the past two Sneak Peeks, but don’t worry! It is still coming, and we’ve given it that extra special touch so that it truly is a remarkable sight to behold.

                  While it may not be taking the form of a Smurfy Wonder, or as this year’s Christmas gift (which are both Smurf-
                  tastic by the way!), it will be making its way to your villages as part of an Exclusive Offer Bundle.

                  Now, we know this may disappoint some of you, but we strongly feel that once you see the effort that's gone into it, you’ll love it as much as we do. Being such a large, and magnificent structure, it has immense value, and thanks to its dual appearance, will be a showpiece to have in your village areas, all-year round.

                  Please also know that we will also be in contact with yosinori saitou to express our sincere gratitude for such an excellent design, and arrange a token of our sincere appreciation.


                  • Tamara Abbott
                    Tamara Abbott commented
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                    Love it 💙💙💙💙 please make it affordable!!!!

                  • CindySmurf
                    CindySmurf commented
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                    It is simply glorious. Please make it so we can all buy one. Ysinori your beautiful imagination has come to life. Thank you for being the inspiration for this exquisite house.

                  • Lilly
                    Lilly commented
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                    Congrats yosinori saitou! 😍😍
                    It looks fantastic!

                • #12
                  Oh this is sad.....many of us will not be able to afford this. Shame. 😥😥😥
                  i sincerely hope that Yosinori gets a free mansion as he put in all the hard work


                  • yosinori saitou
                    yosinori saitou commented
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                    thank you! but i designed it for just having fun😉 hope it'll be issued as a specially reduced Christmas bargain price!

                  • skydiver118
                    skydiver118 commented
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                    I”m happy to see it and happy for yosinori getting to see theri hard work ‘for real’

                    BUt I am a bit disappointed that financial exclusivity comes to the game in this way.

                    I will hope that you guys at least give the creator a copy and don’t expect them to buy the item they designed.
                    ANd I”m sure that those that choose to and can spend the money will share caps so the rest of us can see what it looks like.

                  • IslandLife
                    IslandLife commented
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                    Congratulations yosinori saitou! It looks gorgeous. Could I make a suggestion for such a special and unusual collaboration? Would Bongfish consider offering it for a high SB price (eg 100SB)? That way it might suit both frugal players who save up their SB and those who are happy to purchase the SB to have it immediately?

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                  great and gorgeous look in the summer and winter!!!😃😃😃 thank you very much for the great job Bongfish!!!!👍👍👍👍👍👍 the greatest Christmas gift for me!!🥳🥳🥳 thank you so much!!😄😄😄


                  • Tamara Abbott
                    Tamara Abbott commented
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                  • Shirin
                    Shirin commented
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                    Congratulations Yosinori 🎉🥳🎉. Your designs are wonderful and thanks to Bongfish.

                  • ChristineB
                    ChristineB commented
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                    🎉🎉🎉 Congratulations to you, Yosinori!!!! The Mansion is beautiful and you did an amazing job! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
                    Super Smurfy Done! 💙💙💙
                    Last edited by ChristineB; 12-12-2018, 03:12 PM.

                • #14
                  So looking forward to being able to store some old items. There’s quite a few I wish I hadn’t placed.


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                    Congrats yosinori saitou ! I'm happy for you, though I'm also sad at the same time as this comes as form of EO


                    • Y3nzid_Raxip
                      Y3nzid_Raxip commented
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                      Hopefully it will be at a special offer that everyone will be able to have. Keeping my fingers crossed for everyone to obtain.