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    If you guys are that interested in reading my fanfic... Here's a sneak peek at the background of my OC, Ariel...

    The Legend of the Lost Smurfette (a.k.a. How the Forbidden Falls Were Renamed)

    Once upon a time, Papa Smurf was waiting for an important delivery....
    This was no ordinary package, mind you. This was a package from the Fairy Queen Mersandra’s Great Stork.
    The Great Stork delivers all of the children of magic creatures to their rightful parents.
    As everyone knows, no Smurf brought by Mersandra’s Stork is ever a girl, simply because there was no visible need for women in the village. This child.... she was different. And she was made as a companion for only one Smurf: Brainy.
    There was a knock at Papa’s door, one stroke till midnight. When Papa answered it, Mersandra herself walked in. She said that her stork had refused to make the delivery, and took the girl far away, instead.
    Mersandra wasn’t able to find him on her own and retrieve the child, so she came to seek his help. Papa immediately got out of his nightclothes and began the search.
    They finally did find the stork, but they were too late. The child had already been thrown through the magic portal in the falls of the Blue Moon Springs.
    Papa and Mersandra scolded the stork severely and sent him home.
    Early the next morning, Papa put up signs on the path leading to the spring, renaming it the Forbidden Falls so that he wouldn’t see his other smurfs face the same fate as his Lost Smurfette, Ariel.

    The Part They Don’t Know....

    Mersandra, without Papa knowing it, went through the portal to look for Ariel, and when she found her, she cast a special spell on the girl to turn her human.... with some exceptions. For she knew that Papa Smurf would eventually find the world that was on the other side of that waterfall.
    She raised Ariel as her own until she was one-hundred and forty. When she left, she used a disguise and watched her as she grew up...
    I will only post the prologue and chapter one if you all approve of it...
    (also, my fanfic is a crossover with Harry Potter... So if you're a fan of that, too, then I think you're going to enjoy my story)
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      Click image for larger version

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      Here's a picture of how the first chapter starts... Sorry I don't have a picture for the backstory or prologue... But as you can see, the plot starts out with Brainy Smurf having a nightmare about a young girl smurf crying over something.... In his dream, he walks up behind her and is utterly horrified by what he sees. It's him....

      But, it's just just like I said, though... You let me know if you want to see more of my fanfic... Or just log in to and check it out for yoursmurfs...


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        Here's the prologue...

        Prologue: Story Time

        It was around dusk, and Brainy and I were headed to the nursery to visit the little Smurflings. It was my turn to tell them their bedtime story tonight.
        Brainy got them all gathered in a neat circle with a chair in the middle for me. I smiled at him warmly and giggled as he came to my side through an opening in the crowd.
        “You didn’t have to do all this, Brainy,” I whispered.
        “Oh, but I did,” he replied, kissing me on the cheek before walking out the door.

        I sat down. “Alright, little ones,” I said, about to turn to the bookshelf behind me. “What story do you guys want to hear tonight?”
        “Jumpin’ jackrabbits, Ariel, we don’t want a storybook story,” Sassette said, fussing with her little red pigtails. “We wanna hear ‘bout how you got found; how you’re Lost Smurfette!”
        I turned back to them, no books in hand. “So, you want to hear from the Lost Smurfette’s side of the legend, do you?” The Smurflings cheered in response. “OK, OK. Alright, then.” I consented. “Once upon a time....”
        and chapter one...

        Chapter One: Brainy’s Dream

        Long ago in Smurf Village, all the smurfs were all snug in their beds, fast asleep. But there was one Smurf who had a terrible dream.
        Brainy was sleeping like a baby.... until he heard voices calling his name. In his dream, a girl Smurf was crying. It wasn’t Smurfette, though. This girl had long, brown hair, glasses, and a green outfit. She was kneeling over something.
        He looked over the girl’s shoulder and turned a ghostly white. The girl was crying over.... Brainy!
        The girl heard a noise, and started running as fast as she could. Soon after, the entire village of Smurfs came racing after her.
        As he watched, a vision of a hooded figure came into view. The figure removed its hood to reveal the face of a teenage human girl with one blue eye, (the other was brown) and many smurf-colored patches on the left side of her body.
        The alarm clock went off, dragging Brainy out of his nightmare. He wanted to tell Papa Smurf, but something inside told him not to.


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          Geisha girls😄😄😄 ( and Tonosama Smurf, Ninja Smurfs. and Samurai Smurfs ( authentic version😁😁😁 )


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            Oh, so great.......I love it. You always make my day when you post something like this. I think bongfish should offer you a job❤️

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            How did I miss this??? It is totally spectacular! Yes, girls on the Island! I want alllllll this! 😍😍😍

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            thank you so much everybody! and Evanna Silver AlleycatttSmurf Cupcake Twinkiepie yes, i'd like to see these girls in the costume in my island someday in the future hopefully😉😉😉, but i'd like to have more girls in the Grove first😁😁😁
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