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    I joined the group.


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      Can you be on both GC and Facebook or just one


      • skydiver118
        skydiver118 commented
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        I think you can only friend via one, but you cn have a game center account and join the facebook group.

      • Evanna
        Evanna commented
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        They're completly unrelated. That's like Skype and Twitter, as two other examples. You can have accounts on both sites.
        For this giveaway having a GC account doesn't matter, they want you to have a FB one.

        However, I think you're asking what would happen to your friends list, is that right? My guess is that you have a GC account and still have friends there (although as everybody else you can't add new ones), but no FB account yet?
        I don't know what would happen if you connected both your GC and FB account to the game, but you can have a FB account without connecting it to the game. If you just join the website and then this smurf group, you haven't done anything concerning your game. You would have to allow FB/Smurfs' Village app to access and connect to each other. As long as you don't do that, you should be safe.
        My personal guess is that you could connect both GC and FB to your game and have more friends overall, not that the friends from one account overwrite the other, but as I am not absolutly sure about this – somebody else would have to answer that question – all I can say is that as long as you don't connect your FB account to the game and only use it to join this group, you should be fine.

      • Carver Carver
        Carver Carver commented
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        Dnor1972 yes you can have both. Your GC friends will always be there. On Facebook they made it easy for iOS players to linkup with other iOS and Android players to linkup with other Android players. In the new community group they have separate post for it. We all still can comment on the community group post.