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Smurfs' Village Android version 1.57.0 is live and available for download!

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  • Smurfs' Village Android version 1.57.0 is live and available for download!

    What's new in version 1.57.0

    Cuddle up with a lovable, smurfy Valentine Update!
    • Cupid Smurf gets a Grove Hut, will roam the Grove and unlocks 6 exclusive Valentine Items!
    • Help Smurfette show her Valentine spirit with her new Cupid Outfit!
    • Grind extra Rare Seeds for resources and Smurfberries with Farmer's Rare Seed Grinder!
    • Lunar New Year Puppy added to Mega Mystery Boxes!
    • Help your hopelessly romantic Smurfs build the Fountain of Love Wonder!
    • Tap-and-Hold now available to easily move items around town!
    Click here to watch the version 1.57.0 Announcement Trailer on Youtube!

    *Please note the following:
    • It may take up to several hours for the update to be available in every region's Google Play Store
    • The Amazon App Store version should be available soon!

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    So cute. I didn't know her costume makes her fly.


    • lotinia
      lotinia commented
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      How do you get that costume?

    • Pachemz
      Pachemz commented
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      It's in the menu under structures in the grove.

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    Could you possibly offer cupids hut for the main village as a special offer for those of us that don't have it?????


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      How does Smurfette get her new outfit?


      • skydiver118
        skydiver118 commented
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        I havent’ bought it yet but I’m guessing it’s like the other costume items where you tap on them to initiate the change. There have been reports of multiple smurfette’s with the costume too, so something to be aware of. (like that long standing glitch we have with smurfette and don smurfo in other parts of the game)

      • Tamara Abbott
        Tamara Abbott commented
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        Yes I got two Smurfettes!!!!

      • Stroumpfette
        Stroumpfette commented
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        skydiver118 To answer, yes, there are two Smurfettes now wandering the Grove. I wasn't paying attention to what the item was when I purchased it, so I didn't make the connection that it was a costume. I don't have the bunny one on the Mainland because of other problems that arose because of it.

        I'm hoping they announce a Valentine's Day contest so I can post the scene I made with all the new stuff. I'm not much good at decorating, but these contests make it fun to try out new things.

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      💖 Right in time for Valentine's Day! 💖 For a limited time you can now earn 2X the Smurfberry rewards for doing Extra Missions in the Video Hut! This smurfy offer runs now through 9PM PST on Sunday, February 18th!