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Smurfs' Village Android version 1.56.0 is live and available for download!

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  • Smurfs' Village Android version 1.56.0 is live and available for download!

    What's new in version 1.56.0

    Dress warm and zip up for a snowy Winter update!
    • A magical Snowman Smurf has brought his unique Snow Hut to the Mountain!
    • Snowman Smurf's exclusive Snow and Ice items unlock in both your Mountain and Village areas!
    • New Premium Mountain Expansion available!
    • New mysterious Arctic Direwolf added to Mega Mystery Boxes!
    • Build an Ice Sculpture Wonder in the shape of Papa Smurf!
    • Look for the Fireworks Shop Exclusive Offer to unlock smurfy reusable Fireworks!
    Click here to watch the version 1.56.0 Announcement Trailer on Youtube!

    *Please note the following:
    • It may take up to several hours for the update to be available in every region's Google Play Store
    • The Amazon App Store update should be arriving tomorrow!

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    It was so exciting to wake up to the update this morning. I guess very little is going to be done at home today except re-arrange my mountain.


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      There is a new function added by Bongfish. Now you can locate where you put your special item. For example if you forgot where you put the magical fountain, you can search it from the menu and there is a new locate function there. Another awesome works Bongfish!


      • Stroumpfette
        Stroumpfette commented
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        Silver, I must be looking right at it, but I'm not seeing it. Could you please post a screenshot of where to find the search function?

      • Spelling Bee
        Spelling Bee commented
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        Stroumpfette The new locate/search function only works on unique Store Menu items. Unique items consist of such things as Special Smurf Huts, Smurfy Wonders, Anniversary Statues, and so on.

        All you need to do is find a unique item in the Store Menu, for example the Smurfy Ferris Wheel wonder.

        If the item is searchable and you've already placed it, you will now see a "Locate" button under it.

        By tapping Yes, you'll immediately jump to where the item is placed in your village.

        Depending on the item, and the size of your village it can be a very help feature to have.

      • Stroumpfette
        Stroumpfette commented
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        OOOOOh! I understand now. I thought the search function was an icon like the camera, which is why I didn't understand. LOL. Thanks, Spelling Bee.

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      Just downloaded. Added more space on my mountain and completely reorganized my train complex and all the Smurfy wonders and mountain recreation park train travelers see along their train ride.

      Loving the update so far!


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        Loving this update!My favourite items are the ski Smurf for obvious reasons😁(I 've managed to empty a place in the village and created a route for him to ski),the tower and the new snow tile (which turned my village appearance into a realistic winter one).😊I haven't done the mountain yet,I'm thinking a long route for ski with lots of smurfs. (I need more berries)πŸ˜†


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          Yes I love it too, only problem is you never know which he is going to ski, lol