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Sneak Peek and first look at the contents of the iOS and Android version 1.56.0 Winter Update

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  • Sneak Peek and first look at the contents of the iOS and Android version 1.56.0 Winter Update

    Hi Smurfs' Villagers!

    Christmas might be over, but our Smurfs just can’t get enough of Winter Wonderlands! To make your Mountain area wintery snowy, we decided to dedicate this update to the coziest season of the year! Grab your skis and smurf with us all along the way! Let’s welcome this update with a Hip, hip hooray!

    Note: Have fun with our guessing games, but don't forget to use the Spoiler tag: Spoiler and /spoiler with [before and] after each guess! To practice learning how to use the Spoiler Tags, you can check out this topic here:

    First Teaser Image: Snowman Smurf and his Mountain Hut!
    • Unlock 10 winter-themed items with Snowman Smurf and his Mountain Hut! The items will also be unlocked in the Main Village afterwards 😊Place these coin and Smurfberry items such as the Snowy Tower, Cloud with Falling Snow, Cross Country Smurf, Smurf Ice Sculpture, the Parka Sheep, Ice Block and 4 different angles of Ice Wall Corner onto your Mountain and your Main Village!

    An artic Creature for our Mega Mystery Box feature!
    • Who could this howling companion be?
    A Smurfy Mountain Wonder
    • This Wonder is similar to Smurfette’s Ice Sculpture from last year! We dedicated this wonder to another very important Smurf! Who could it be?
    4 Premium and 5 Decorative Items
    • Watch out for Parka Smurfs, snowy fellas, festive animals and wintery greenery
    A very special and explosive Exclusive Offer!
    • Celebrate this brand-new year with a mind-blowing Hut! What could it be?
    3 new Exclusive Offers
    • Watch out for winter machines and sledging fun!
    Smurfy Extras
    • New Max Levels
    • Updated Reporter Smurf Rewards
    • A vertical Mountain Expansion
    **Please note** Despite our best intentions, it is possible that some of the update contents may change before it is submitted. We hope you understand.

    • Watch out for upcoming announcements or in-game messages
    • Watch out for new Contests or Giveaways
    • Our update is expected to be released this week! (Please note that this is just an estimated time and we ask for your understandings for any delay)

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    That sheep looks so cute.😭 I can't wait for the update.


    • #3
      Parka SHeep, how flipping adorable. And yay for more space on the mountain.

      I do love the fact that since part of the mountain is alwys snowy these things will fit in all year around.


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        Oh how awesome! I can’t wait to have that sheep.


        • #5
          This looks stupendous, and the screenshot looks great! That sheep is beyond adorable!


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            Looks like fun! I can't wait. The Parka Sheep is adora-smurfa-ble!!


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              Awww the parka sheep is so cute! You did a great job on this one! And it says that we’ll also get parka smurfs! Can’t wait to see them! I’m sure they’re just as adorable! ☺️
              I like that we get another ice sculpture on the mountain! It’s so funny to see our smurfs working on this giant block of ice 😃


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                I have a corrals on three of the land masses dedicated to various sheep. I can't wait to add the parka sheep to my village. It's too darned cute! I'm going to have to rearrange my mountain area... again. My train spans two levels and takes up a lot of room, and before Bongfish revised the XP requirements at higher levels, I had added a LOT of those special trees that generate 3000 XP daily and the little windmills that give 500 XP 2x/day.


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                  Originally posted by Twinkiepie View Post
                  XP rewards for roaming/flying items
                  Do my eyes trick me? Is this a change made for all old items as well? That would be amazing!! Often that was the reason to decide against buying an item, if they finally give xp as well, they will be so worth it!

                  The parka sheep is adorable! The trees and tower look good, too. The trees are probably part of the winter greenery. Snowy fellas could be smurfs in costumes or animals, but considering festive animals are listed next, probably smurfs in costumes. I'm looking forward to more cute animals!

                  Expansions are always welcome!

                  The statue

                  The EO hut


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                    Love the towers! The sheep is cute too.


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                      It sounds and looks so smurfy!ive been wishing for a winter themed update!its so blah after Christmas and never enough winter items now there will be many to have and now I can do my valentines winter wonderland next month! Love mountain smurf and his castle and the parka sheep he is too cute! And with the snow tiles from last update I can have winter extended now into march ! A smurfy hurray for this update!


                      • #12
                        A skiing smurf!!

                        And what on earth is an “explosive” hut? 🤔😀
                        Last edited by Caro; 01-08-2018, 02:09 PM.


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                          Very excited, I too wonder what the explosive hut is, maybe a new mini game!!


                          • #14
                            Perfect! I just did the last southern Mountain expansion (because of the pathway limit increase- yay!) and have been trying to decide what to put at the bottom of my ski slope area! The Towers look Wonderful!😍 Very excited for this update.

                            And a vertical Mtn expansion! Does that mean the snowy half-section all the way to the east will finally be widened to full-sized? Or is it another whole, new section? Or maybe both?! That would be be amazing!
                            Last edited by happybird; 01-08-2018, 02:42 PM. Reason: expansion!


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                              the mountain expansion is great and the tower looks great!! i can redecorate mountain after a long time😁