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Complete your smurfy Island classroom furniture set by winning our Teacher's Podium Giveaway!

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  • Complete your smurfy Island classroom furniture set by winning our Teacher's Podium Giveaway!

    🍎✏️ Teacher's Podium Giveaway! ✏️🍎

    Winter break is over and school is back in session! To mark the occasion we are giving away the Teacher's Podium to complete your smurfy Island classroom furniture set! To enter, follow the steps below!

    1️⃣ Like this post!
    2️⃣ Tag at least one smurfy friend that also plays Smurfs' Village!
    3️⃣ Write a short paragraph telling us what you love about Smurfs' Village!

    We will pick 5 winners on Monday, January 8th so check back then to see who won! Please note: This classic Smurfs cannon item is being made available for the first time ever! If you'd like to be one of the first players to own it, enter today! #SmurfsVillage #Smurfs #BackToSchool #Giveaway

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    chickadee2013 I tag.
    Smurf's Village is the best game ever! I like to build smurfy areas and buildings. I like that the game gets updates every few weeks! And I like this community!

    This legendary teacher's desk as a giveaway is a huge surprise.

    EDIT: I want to tag all, who tagged me:
    Lone Smurf
    Marla Stein
    J. King
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      Purple Smûrf

      its my favorite mobile game.. smurfs village since the beginning


      • Purple!
        Purple! commented
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        Mohammed !!!!! Where have you been?!! It’s so good you are back on the forum! You have made a lot of great suggestions over the years and so many of them have made it into the game, but your best suggestion was for the addition of Gargamel, which was my personal favorite! I hope you win the teachers desk! Welcome back!

      • Evabevasmurf
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        Mohammed, I am so glad to hear from you. I was wondering where you were. I second what Purple! said.

      • Mohammed
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        im entering the forum once a week to read all the updates and i will post some new suggestions soon thanks for asking Purple! and Evabevasmurf

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      Oh my gosh I can’t believe my eyes!!😳 The Mythical Teachers Desk really is a thing of legends😅😅😅

      I tag Silver because I know from reading the forum that they have wanted it for a very long time☺️🤞🤞🤞

      I was a die hard Smurfs cartoon fan -and I love SV for the nostalgia from my childhood that it brings back, all of the amazing updates and items that keep me interested, all the decorating possibilities, how well players opinions and ideas are taken into consideration and even implemented, all of the hard work that the amazing people at Bongfish are doing to fix and revive the game and this forum, and this totally awesome community of fellow SV fans!!💖


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        What I love about the Smurfs VIllage, it was a game my niece introduced me to. So for a couple of years I was able to bond with her over that as we compered villages and traded tips. She’s my only friend on the game because I’m not into social gaming so we friended each other.

        Last year for her birthday I made her a Smurfs themed cake. She made me the Smurfwillow ornament for Christmas. We still have fun when she gets her hands on my iPad and ‘pinks’ my village....aka uses painter to paint everything possible pink.

        Now my other niece has fun with it too. She loves to play the ‘rock game’ aka Miner. She loves to tell me how many rings and stones she finds. She has also found painter so my grove is very pink and purple now. And she loves to see how many jack o lanterns she can make.

        Then there’s the fun folks here. I honestly feel more at home on this forum than I do on another one I’ve been a member of for longer. We may disagree or not see things the same way, but at the end of the day we all seem to get along pretty well and we help each other out. All in all, the game is a rather positive game. You build and create and share and that’s what makes it fun.

        Finally Bongfish. I’ve never had the sort of contact with a developer that I see here. We are literally able to be a part of the game. Sure my name isn’t on them but I will always know that those pumpkin sheep are ‘mine’. So the game seems to grow from its community and in some ways it’s an open source game in that we can all suggest and contribute and some of it makes it into the game. I honestly don’t know if there’s another game out there that is like that.

        I check this forum several times a day because I like to pass on tips to others and answer questions. I want to be the help for others that I didn’t have when I started to play the game.


        • Evanna
          Evanna commented
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          Thank you for always tagging me! I really appreciate it.
          Good luck! I hope you can win this item!

          I love that you and your nieces are bonding over this game, it's really sweet. I also love that you let them decorate and colour your village to their liking, haha. That's so sweet of you!
          I appreciate all the help you are offering here. It doesn't go unnoticed. I enjoy helping others as well, because it adds to the fun of the game, but also because sometimes we simply need help (in life) and it's wonderful when there are kind people who support us.

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        The Thank you bongfish, I can finally enter this competition as I don't have to post an image which I still can't do
        I tag debbles smurf as she has helped and supported me and many other players over the years.

        I adore smurfs village and have played it ever since it first came out. I have created many villages over the years and loosing one has never put me off, I just start from scratch again.
        I love smurfs village as it is pure fun, nothing nasty about either it or this forum. It is the most wonder relaxing game to play when I get home from my at times very stressful and demanding job looking after people's health.
        Thank you so much bongfish and all the forum members for so much fun over the years


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          ​​​​​I want to tag Morning Sky

          I love watching the little blue ones doing their actions! I could do it for hours!


          • Morning Sky
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            Thank you Lone Smurf, I hope we both will get one of the tables.

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          Morning Sky I tag

          I love playing the smurfs because it's fun rebuilding my village using new items. I enjoy talking to other fans in this community.


          • Morning Sky
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            Thanks Marla Stein , I tag you too! Hope you will get the desk!

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          Morning Sky
          I just love this game and I have played it since the beginning and it's still so much fun. I always hoped that the teachers' podium would be available in the store, I would give 100 Smurfberries for it 😉


          • Morning Sky
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            Yeah, thanks to my German fans I tag you back Nonna
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          OMG, I sooooo wish I could tag myself 🤪🤪 I have sent tons of rafts out for it. Which tells you what I love about this game: I am playing it for 5 yrs now and am still not bored.
          Caro (tagging her until she wins something)
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          • Caro
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          I loved watching the Smurfs' as a child coming up in the 80's. As a adult my inner child is still in me and when I got hold of this game seven years ago my inner child came to the surface. Thereafter, the motion pictures followed and I was even more excited, so I started buying the smurfs' season episodes and the current Christmas Carol & The Legend of Smurfy Hollow movies. What is it not to love to have a little blue smurf in your pocket or on your movie shelf. I tag you Yarnell Carver because you been Jokey Smurf for years and I'm Greedy. Our childhood humor is still on the surface but we got older.


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            Oh wooooww thank you for this amazing giveaway! 😍😍🎉🎉

            I'm going to tag Y3nzid_Raxip and Shaunie314 😊
            What I love about the game are the endless decorating possibilities. With a new update every month the fun never ends! I love how parts of my village change with each update and how my village gets bigger and bigger over time. In addition I love visiting my friends villages to see their awesome creations!
            A huge thank you to Bongfish and the whole community! You’re the best 😘


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              I’m always excited about what the developers will come up with next. When the new content hit the AppStore I’m rushing like a kid to update. Building your village from scratch also gives you unlimited time to create, showcase your creativity and be the smurf your are.
              FaryalSia I tag you because I see your a fairly new member like I am and wouldn’t mind having a prize like this in your village. Good luck to you and everyone else that’s participating. 😉

              Carver Carver your so right about me being Jokey, you know I will give you them rabbit 🐰 ears in a heartbeat while your always munching. Greedy!! 😂 who else to catch 📷 those moments, your sister Kim💃🏾.
              Fette Blue


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                i tag @Purple! @Caro AJ Smurf Evanna Guerin Cupcake and Evabevasmurf good luck!😁
                i knew and liked the Smurfs since i was a kid. but it's this game made me LOVE the Smurfs!! ( now i have most of their comics i can get😄 ) many thanks to the Smurfs' Village and this forum for giving me great fun!!
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                • Purple!
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                  Thanks @yosinori ! I hope you win the teacher’s desk, I would love to see what you create in your village using it!

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                Oh my gosh, the fabled Teacher's Desk!! I thought it had disappeared forever, a forgotten legend, a faint memory that only survived in the reverent whipsers of mojito-drinking old timers gathered around a campfire somewhere in the deep forests of Belgium.

                I am tagging because of her longtime dedication to Smurfing and because her awesome Island would be a fabulous spot for this super-deluxe-ultra rare item.
                ​I am tagging because the countless hours and effort he's put into answering questions, compiling information, and helping out new forum members. That's so smurfy and totally deserving of a super cool Teacher's Desk!

                And next, I (accidentally) wrote a book on what I like about SV:

                I love SV because of the unparalleled opportunity for creative town construction it provides us players. I've tried many different kingdom building games, farming games, neighborhood-building games based on other beloved animated characters... and none even come close to SV. Some of those other games are too technical for my taste, or rely on too much intricate strategy and upkeep to qualify as relaxing, or they're too violent, or quickly get boring because it's too limited in what you can do, and then some games are just too darn expensive if you want to progress past a certain point. SV is none of those. Overall, it strikes the perfect balance of fun vs. challenging, of premium items to free items. And then there is the content. Just... Wow. Not only is artwork faithful to the original Peyo designs, the number of decorative objects available in the menus is simply staggering. That there are very few limitations on how we can use and place the items is amazing. Then, each month, we get a new update with even more great items! There is no other game quite like it- and some try hard to mimic the magic and balance of SV, but they always miss the mark.

                Besides building, my favorite part of the game is seeing how everyone takes the same selection of objects and builds something completely unique. One player might use an item as statue, while another player sees that same item as the perfect building block for a 3-D coliseum, and yet another person uses 10 of the item to create a custom walled garden or a unicorn. The possibilities are endless (especially when coupled with the creativity of the Comminuity). I love looking at the screenshots forum members post of their creations. Those photos inspire me, amaze me, and often help me see items in a new and different light.

                I've been playing for over 6 years. One of the things that stands out the most when I look back at my playing history is, in all my other long-term iPad games, I have taken breaks of a year or more. In some cases, I've taken multiple looong breaks due to frustration or stagnation, but feel like I've invested too much time and money to just walk away from the game entirely. That's not a great feeling. I've never, ever felt that way with SV. Even after all these years, I cannot stay away from my village for more than a week, tops. There is always something fresh and new, something to get excited about just around the corner. In between updates, there is more than enough to keep me happy and occupied. It's wonderful.

                As a kid in the 80's, The Smurfs was my favorite cartoon. We scheduled Saturday mornings around it. I collected the PVC figurines, and my mother used them as special little gifts and rewards for things like good grades and good behavior (I was a handful). They were also perfect small gifts for 'holidays' like Valentine's Day and Halloween. My best friend, Blythe, collected Smurfs, too, and we'd play with them for hours. In high school, my favorite video game was SimCity on the Super Nintendo. In college, it was SimCity2000 for my PC. In my mid-30's, I got my first (and only) iPad/modern device. No surprise, SV was one of the very first apps I ever downloaded. I mention all this because as I was writing this post and thinking about SV, it occured to me that SV is the perfect marriage of two of my all-time favorite hobbies/past times. This app has allowed me to pursue both my little blue friends and the bliss and relaxation I get from building imaginary cities into my 40's. For that, I am thoroughly grateful.

                Oops. Didn't it say "a short paragraph?" Sorry, it got away from me a little.
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                • Evanna
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                  Ahaha oh gosh, that opening!

                • IslandLife
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                  happybird I am loving reading this and the other wonderful submissions. Such a cheerful start to 2018!