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Let us know who you think is as smart as Brainy Smurf by entering our tag your friends giveaway: Winners announced!

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  • Let us know who you think is as smart as Brainy Smurf by entering our tag your friends giveaway: Winners announced!

    Tag your friends GIVEAWAY

    Do you happen to know the biggest Smurfs' Village & Smurfs expert? Let us know, the funniest comment wins a tiny and smurfy treat!

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    I tag Spelling Bee and Vintoxi


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    I agree you are both as smart as Brainy!!!!


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      deleted. maybe no one can get it.......
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        You beat me to it Twinkiepie . I was going to tag Spelling Bee


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        Argggghhhh! With Ms. Bee, Twinkiepie and Vintoxi tagged, it gets much harder. Lets see...

        Who knows the content of the comics?
        Who is an expert on the cartoons?
        Who has seen every Smurf movie multiple times (even when grumbling about the animation and characterizations in the first two)?
        Who knows the Smurfs canon backward and forward?
        Who knows everything about every Smurfs villain?
        Who shares all this knowledge with us in a humorous way?
        Who, indeed... let me think...

        Purple! thats who!
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        • Twinkiepie
          Twinkiepie commented
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          Purple! !!! He knows it all! Didn't he have a PHD in Smurfology?

        • Cupcake
          Cupcake commented
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          Twinkiepie Yes he does! His friends call him Dr. Purple!

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        Purple! I was gonna say Purple about the smurfs and their mythologySpelling Bee for igame info, especially historical game info.
        TwinkiepieVintoxi for how the game works from Bongfishs pov

        sorry, too early to get something funny yet so Ill just chime in with metoos


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            I'm no good at coming up with a funny comment so I'll just use this as a shout out for Purple!

            He is a walking encyclopedia when it comes to smurfs! He loves them, especially the 80s cartoon, with all his heart and if through some weird magic trick by Gargamel he was turned into a blue little guy, he could go to the smurf's village and become part of them without anyone finding it off, except maybe that they'd wonder how he knows so very much about them! Maybe he could be Seer Smurf? He could help Papa and the smurfs to be safe and fight all the villains that come across their path. He could be a hero!


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            It's Tapasz and we miss her. She saved so many villages.


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              My husband, we did the quiz and he came out as brainy smurf, he even calls himself brainy smurf sometimes, ha ha!!


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                I must add my 'gnap!' for @Purple. Who else shares his love and passion and knowledge like @Purple? Who else takes his smurfs on vacations all over the world?
                'Gnap!' it must be Purple!

                And I really, really, really miss Tapasz.


                • Cupcake
                  Cupcake commented
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                  Me, too, Evabeva; wish she was here...

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                Id have to agree on @purple, hes just incredible, as is his village!

                and if youve seen the smurfy masterpieces that yosinori saitou has created and the tech help he offers here in the forum, a brainiac list of brilliant Smurfs needs his name as well!


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                Thanks everyone who tagged me, but there are so many members whos Brainyness has made this forum awesome! A few that I can think of off of the top of my head are:

                yosinori saitou for his Brainyness in imagination, his 3D constructions are legendary!
                Cupcake for her Brainyness in design and color theory making her village a standout!
                skydiver118, whos Brainyness is in helping other on the forum!
                Evanna whos Brainyness allowed her to create one of the best fluffy sheep ever!
                Evabevasmurf whos Brainyness has made her my villain loving SV soulmate!
                Tenny who Brainyness is in her generosity!
                Kareelia whos Brainyness has allowed her to make one of the most beautiful villages I have ever seen!
                Morning Sky whos Brainyness is in his design skills, I love his Smurf outdoor theater!
                AlleycatttSmurf who Brainyness is in her awesomeness, she is one of the best members of the forum!

                There are just so many awesome and Brainy members as part of this community! All are Brainy in their own way!

                I realize my post isnt that funny, so Ill end with a joke.

                Why was the broom late for work? Because it over swept!


                • Kareelia
                  Kareelia commented
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                  Oh Purple! When I stop laughing at that joke, Ill be smiling with pride. Thank you very much..

                • Tenny
                  Tenny commented
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                  Purple ....

                • Evanna
                  Evanna commented
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                  Aww, Purple, thank you! I'm glad you enjoy the sheep

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                Alex Smurf tagged