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Can someone explain how to play Clumsy's Hut Repair Mini-Game?

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  • Can someone explain how to play Clumsy's Hut Repair Mini-Game?

    How to play Clumpsy repair game?

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    hi alavi, tap his hut and Clumsy runs to the hut and the game starts. he run around your village and trips over several times so you have to tap him before he wakes up. if you tapped him in time, you can get XP ( the XP increases by leveling up your village ) and finally he backs home and the game ends.
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      Keep your eye on him as he runs around because he does sometimes fall behind things. WHen he falls he only falls for a few seconds so if he doesn’t come out from behind something fast enough tap what he’s behind


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        His minigame still don't work properly after last updates,he doesn't go to his hut to begin walking,he start falling where randomly was in the village so not possible to see and tap him.His rewards also I think should get updated,its a funny game to play but just a few xp means something only for begginers.


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          ANd those with un crowded villages because he has a bad habit of falling behind things. I believe he also only runs between houses, not have a lot fo condos like I do and he just goes back and forth endlessly.

          Honestly I dont’ play the game anymore. I do use it during Tracker because tapping on it can summon Clumsy so you can find him easier to tap on him, but that’s its only use for me now


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            Hi Alavi, and welcome to the forum! Just so you know for next time, there is a place to ask questions and it is here: