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Smurfs' Village Android version 1.53.0 is live and available for download!

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  • Smurfs' Village Android version 1.53.0 is live and available for download!

    What's new in version 1.53.0

    A naturally smurfy, nature themed update!
    • Smurfylily and her Lost Village hut bring Female Worker Smurfs to the Grove!
    • New Grove Flower Crop: Hyacinths!
    • Get the Grove Flower Shop offer to unlock 2 additional crops: Ladyslippers and Snapdragons!
    • The infamous Booglooboo swoops into Mega Mystery Boxes!
    • Build a smurfy Playhouse Wonder and bring the Smurflings to the Grove!
    • New Grove Crop Stars now available in Game Master Boxes!
    • Now available: New Rare Seed Grove Expansion!
    • Complimentary 7th year anniversary statue unlocks on Nov. 11th!
    • Relaxation Hut and Elite Mansion now available in the store!
    Watch the version 1.53.0 announcement Trailer on youtube!

    *Please note that it may take several hours for the update to appear in your region's Google Play Store. The Amazon App Store version should arrive within the next 24-48 hours..

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    Hi! I have an Android device, and for the last few weeks, even though I take pictures using the Camera on the Smurfs menu, screenshots don't show up in my Gallery. I've succesfully updated the game twice (Halloween and Nature) which makes me think the problem is with my device permissions/settings. I've allowed Notifications, saved and loaded the game just fine and all else appears normal. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thank you!

    UPDATE: Resolved! I found them in my device's internal storage. I can now hopefully post some smurfy pics!
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      Glad that you sorted it out IslandLife! Also, welcome to the Community Forum!

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    wow, I just saw that the update is available. I checked Amazon, and I am now downloading the new update. That was fast!


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      Hello android players,the game icon is cute and the new wonders are cute.I want more


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        Pictures from the update