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Sneak Peek at the content of the Smurfs‘ Village iOS and Android version 1.53.0 Nature Update

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  • Sneak Peek at the content of the Smurfs‘ Village iOS and Android version 1.53.0 Nature Update

    Hey Smurfs' Villagers!

    Even though our Golden Summer has drawn to a close, and the leaves are changing their colors - don’t forget we still have some time before winter finally arrives! We here at Bongfish wanted to dedicate the next update to our smurfy nature area – The Grove! Are you ready to decorate away and grow a flowery paradise? Do you still dream of more The Lost Village content, and are you ready to celebrate 7 amazing years of Smurfs’ Village? If the answer to all of that is yes, then let the guessing games begin and be prepared to get spirited away!

    Note: Have fun with our guessing games, but don't forget to use the Spoiler tag: Spoiler and /spoiler with [before and] after each guess! To practice learning how to use the Spoiler Tags, you can check out this topic here:

    A 7th Anniversary Complimentary that comes with a smurfy surprise

    Can you believe it has already been 7 smurfy years? Celebrate with us and place this mysterious complimentary in your village. Can you guess what/who it could be?

    A brand new Lost Village Hut for the Grove!

    Who could it be? What’s happening? Take a guess who’s paying us a visit from the Forbidden Forest!

    A Smurfy Wonder out of the Cartoon Shows!

    About which smurfy gang are we talking about? Can you tell us more about these special Smurfs?

    This update’s Mega Mystery Box feature is a furious feathered canonical creature!

    She is giving Gargamel quite a hard time! Who could it be?

    New premium and decorative items

    Sneaky reptiles, a disguised Smurf,
    A snappy plant and more to come!

    ATTENTION: Our next smurfy Community Sheep! Can you guess how it could look like? Which community member had this great idea?

    A new level cap, a land expansion and new crops/crop features for the Grove!

    Just the smurfy stuff we need for a new update 😊

    New Smurfy Offers
    • Prepare for a special Hut for the Grove, sporty Smurfs and wise spirits!
    • A lively sponge and a Lost Village pet out of the Mega Mystery box.
    • Fancy offers in the store menu!
    • Watch out for Exclusive Offers at a lower price.
    **Please note** Despite our best intentions, it is possible that some of the update contents may change before it is submitted. We hope you understand.

    • Watch out for upcoming announcements
    • Stay tuned for Spelling Bee's Coming Soon topic with your first look at the update teaser images!
    • Watch out for a smurfy contest and giveaways on Facebook!
    • Our update is expected to be released next week! (Please note that this is just an estimated time and we ask for your understandings for any delay)

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    Yay for

    It looks like a great update. Can’t wait.


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      • yosinori saitou
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        i really hope that , too!!😁😁😁

      • AlleycatttSmurf
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        I hope so too!! Fingers crossed😅😅😅

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      Fanatastic another sheep to add to my sheep farm in the grove. Another land ecpansion means maybe a massive scarwy forrest on the other side of my sheep farm


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        Oooo. Cool. A grove update.!!
        Next week is soooooon 😀


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          it would be another great update!🎉🎉🎉 i can't wait!!


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            When I read nature update I got so excited, then I saw it's for the grove and my excitement died down, oops. I can't help it, I somehow don't like the grove. By no means your fault. I love nature, I like the flowers, I love Explorer's cute animals, the wonders are pretty, I love that we have/get smurf girls, the water hut/items are great, but... I don't know. It's my least favourite area.
            Nevertheless, I am excited anyway, it's just not what my mind immediately jumped to.

            The new hut!!

            No idea about the wonder but the tree looks nice and the bit we can see of the hut as well.

            I like that we get more reptiles. New crops/crop features sounds good as well.

            The sheep!


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              Wow new grove update.I hope many lost village female and hut.I wish smurfette had a new event where you tap her when she become rock while he roams in grove to earn xp like in the movie lost village


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                I think it all sounds won-der-ful!!!


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                  I can’t wait!!! I love the grove area! Hopefully the girls are coming too 💙💙💙


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                    Ahhhhh can't wait!!


                    And thank you Evanna and Morning Sky looks it like you are right :


                    • yosinori saitou
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                    • Caro
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                      Oh wow! Both of these are awesome!!!!

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                    For some strange reason,i also don't like the groove,despite I love flowers.Propably because it lacks mini games to give a reason for daily visits and huts/wonders are expensive to get.My best area is the village where I would like to get another expansion so I can make a forest area,then it's the island where I would like to get a sea life with wonders,more fishes and surfing/swimming smurfs (like the surfing sheep).But if this update gives groove more life,i will enjoy it.😄
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                    • Evanna
                      Evanna commented
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                      The grove does have two mini games, but I admit I don't play them anymore either. The bunny game is the best of all mini games though when it comes to xp. It has a few good prizes as well, but especially for xp hunters it's a good mini game.
                      The huts indeed are too expensive, I agree. I don't remember how much the wonders are in comparison to those of other areas, I think more expensive, but that the seeds are the resource people struggle most with. I amassed enough to not worry about that, but they are hard to come by. Plant, plant, plant!

                      A nice, big expansion to the East would be amazing in the main village! I understand though that it would create just more and more data and would make it very difficult for older devices. I don't even know if my device would agree with it...

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                    out of curiosity, with the added land expansions and new levels, are the total number of smurfs in each area still the same? is it possible to increase the number of smurfs for each area?

                    Can we please get more mini games and games that dont require one to search for items? i think the last few games became known as events and they were basically searching for eggs / flowers and ghosts.


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                      The ‘critter maximum’ doesn’t change. So the couple hundred (whatever it is exactly) is the same for everyone. THe only limit that goes up as you level up that I recall is on the mountain where you can only build so many huts per level....but I long since passed that or stoppped building huts so I have no idea what it is now.

                      As to more games, players have been asking for that constantly. We do tend to get 2-3 per year on average. I’m thinking of the games that have been added since I started to play and off the top of my head I can come up with a half dozen or so.

                      Games are obviously harder to program so take more time than just making a hut and putting it in the store.