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Which past Exclusive Offer Bonus items would you like Bongfish to place in the Rarity Shop?

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  • Which past Exclusive Offer Bonus items would you like Bongfish to place in the Rarity Shop?

    Hi everyone! Please use this topic as a place to list out which past Bonus items you would like to be placed in the Rarity Shop.

    (Please list only the items that were included as a bonus item for purchasing past Exclusive Offers. Items that were on sale for a limited time and could be purchased with Smurfberries do not count. Thank you.)

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    We have a topic for EO requests, so I thought one for the Rarity Shop would be a good idea!

    My requests are for the Magic Space Bird, the yellow dragon costume, and the sea monster on the submerged tower.


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      Thanks for starting this thread Happybird!

      I really would love to get multiple Purple Smurfs in my village! Please add the original Purple Smurf/Buzz fly offer to the Rarity Shop, or just add the Purple Smurf by himself to the Rarity Shop, allow us to buy as many as we would like to for our villages.

      I would love to fill my village with Purple Smurfs!


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        As much as I want this, I still hope they could lower the future special smurf price in the rarity shop...$7.99 is really too much to consider without any sb in it 😕


        • happybird
          happybird commented
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          I agree. $3.99 would be a much more reasonable price for the huts. I can see why the huts should cost more than the regular items, but $8 is just too high.

          My opinion is anything $5 or more should come with some SB, even if it is only a handful.

        • Moontje
          Moontje commented
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          I think the huts should be, 2,99 or 9,99 with 125 berries. Not 8 euro's only for a hut :/

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        I would like to get some of the older EOs. The Baby Pandas, the red Baby Pandas and the Little green Dragon.


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          Yay! Finally a sticky for rarity shop requests. Thanks Happybird for suggesting it and to Spelling Bee for setting it up.

          My requests: Fuzzles, Submarine, lemonade stand, king crab, knight on unicorn, magical lamp, pole vault, and hang glider.

          Also please bring back the yellow toy subs as prize winnings in Lucky's island mini-game.


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            This is my wish list: Owl Smurf in helmet, Magical Lamp, Tharp, Gopher, King Crab, Carnival plane ride, Baby pandas, Candy house, Knight on unicorn, Butterfly, Group of pills, Toy Shop, Smurf soup, Purple smurf, Relaxation Hut, Eatery Hut, Chocconess Monster. I really hope that studio will read this and make us happy, yes no item should be priced more $1.99. Thank You


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              My wishing list:
              - baby pandas
              - red pandas
              - yellow submarine
              - Smurfs' Chinese dragon costume
              - big panda
              - blue peacock
              - gargenalator

              and, because it has been added the gloriuos Golden Ship:
              - big mansion
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              • Morning Sky
                Morning Sky commented
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                The mansion should survive as something special and exclusive.

              • happybird
                happybird commented
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                I want the red pandas, too! +1

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              Bat family


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                • supersmurf
                  supersmurf commented
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                  I want him so much!!!

                • nismurf
                  nismurf commented
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                  This gets my vote too!

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                Yellow Dragon costume, Fuzzles, group of Pilus', Gargamel costume, Lemonade stand, Owl, Juicer, Carnival Plane ride, Choco-Ness Monster, Pole Vault!


                • happybird
                  happybird commented
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                  I vote for the Fuzzles, too!

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                Please add the gopher cart! I saw this item in a friends village the other day and he told me that it was offered long ago. I'd really love to have it! So please place it in the Rarity Shop Beeline! Thank you


                • Alex Smurf
                  Alex Smurf commented
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                  Thank you so much Beeline for adding the gopher cart!!! The Halloween update is going to be one of the best!

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                the smurf arcade machine please!


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                  It would be interesting to have a complete list of all the items in the Rarity Shop. How many are they? Until now, nothing has never put out of it, right? For me, it seems there have been only adding, but I'm not sure


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                    Smurf in a helmet, yellow dragon costume, the pink fuzzies, the juicer, polar bear family, bungee jump, knight on unicorn, Tharp the gargoyle, and the gargenalator in space :]] also I agree the toy sub and the orange slide should be re-added to luckys island game please :]
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