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Introduce yourself here on the Community Forum and make some smurfy new friends!

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  • Introduce yourself here on the Community Forum and make some smurfy new friends!

    Introduce yourself here on the Community Forum and make some smurfy new friends!

    New to the forum? Need some help figuring things out? Looking for some fellow smurf lovers to chat with? You’ve come to the right place! Tell us about yourself get to know the members of our wonderful community!

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    Hello everyone
    I am a member of the forum, very interested in the exchange of knowledge with people. My name is Wiliam, I'm 22 years old this year. Very happy to make friends with people.
    Thank you


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      sollys19xx Welcome to the forum


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        sollys19xx 👋🏻 Welcome! ...I’m chris


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          sollys19xx a smurfy welcome from my side!


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            @sollys19xx Welcome to the forums! you are joining us at a spoooky time!


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              sollys19xx Welcome to the Community Forum!


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                Hi, I'm back after a long break. I quit playing when the game got glitchy, I couldn't update and really didn't want to update due to the crashes and the ads that were causing problems for others. Finally, I got the level up bug and couldn't fix it because the save functions weren't funcitoning.

                I was recently browsing around at the google play store and noticed that bongfish was now operating the game, so I gave it a shot. I first started a new game, but decided to search and retrieve my old device. The old daily autosaves still weren't there, but I was able to use cloud save. I lost a little progress, and I still have the exra levels from the bug, but my game has been working quite well for the past five or six weeks. I had a lot of smurfy wonders to catch up on and a lot of developing to do in my grove. My last update had been the introduction to the grove. I'm still waiting for seeds to build the last smurfy wonder there. I love the new video hut card games. It's good to have a functional game again!


                • AlleycatttSmurf
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                  Glad to hear your game is working for you! Bongfish seems to be making things better and better in regards to bugs and new content😊

                • Cupcake
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                  Things are sooooo much better now, I think you will enjoy playing again- welcome back!

                • Caro
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                  Welcome back 🙂

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                Hi everyone I’ve been playing SV since around Jan/Feb this year but only recently joined the forums to enter a contest, which I didn’t win haha 😂 thought I’d have a little browse through some threads but it feels a bit awkward posting when I don’t know anybody!


                • Cupcake
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                  Don’t ever hesitate to post- it is the only way we will get to know you! I remember seeing your name in the contest, so welcome!

                • Caro
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                  Welcome! 🙂

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                Hi, Sollys- great to meet you, and welcome!


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                  Hi. I have been playing this game ever since it started. I have had it on both Apple and Android. My current village has been going for 6years! I have not always had internet access but loved the fact I could still build my village, which has been a bit slow at times. I have even upgraded my device because my old one no longer supported the game. My village may not have all the flash exclusive offer items, I can't always afford them but I love my village and have tried to set it up the way the Smurfs would like it. Thanks


                  • Cupcake
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                    Hi Tamara, welcome- You’ve certainly been playing a long time! I hope you’ll publish screenshots of your village in the topic so that we can all see your village!

                  • Tamara Abbott
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                    I have been. My village is not overly fancy but I think if I was a Smurf I would live there.

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                    Welcome to the forum!

                    One of my favorite things about SV is that is can be played offline. That has allowed me to keep building my Village over the years, even in the times when we couldn't afford home wifi/internet service.

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                  Welcome everybody great to see some new folks around here! Wishing you a smurfy time!


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                    Hi everyone,

                    I think it is time to pay back to the forum, which contributed a lot to my growth in the game (I read more than half of the posts in the forum before posting my very first one).

                    I am doing this AMA thread to help new (and old?) players who are still struggling through the challenging? part of the game. I think I got a pretty good grasp of it and I am more than happy to answer questions that might improve your growth and get progress faster in the game, if that is what you are looking for. Of course, this thread is also a bragging thread: I was told that I am one of the fastest progressing players around here.

                    So, ask me anything, I will try to answer to the best of my knowledge. In the worst case, I will tell you that I don't have that hut / mini-game. I am sure that others will help in that case.

                    Some stats:
                    1. Start date: September 24, 2017. Had a very rough start. Because I did not care about Papa Smurf's quests at the beginning, I got delayed in finding the new areas. Also, because I did not care about resources at the beginning, I had a rough time getting Wonder game working properly.
                    2. non-IAP: did not spend any money on the game yet. That being said, I (ab)use Movie theater and Traveler Smurf to support the devs as much as I can (and get free stuff)
                    3. Completed Wonders:
                      1. Main Village: Festive Tree, Emporer Smurf Statue (if you count it)
                      2. Mountain: King's Castle (with companion), Windmill (with companion), Watchtower (with companion), Smurf Chalet.
                      3. Island: N/A
                      4. Grove: N/A
                      5. Space: Aquarium, Terrarium, Sphinx, Cake Tower
                    4. In-progress wonders:
                      1. Mountain: Carrousel, Sands of Time, Mining Machine
                      2. Main Village: Weather Machine
                      3. Island: Volcano
                    5. 111 SBs as of moment. I don't buy everything I come across, but I also spend SBs pretty freely if I think it is worth the investment. For example, I have Farmer Smurf auto-plant and auto-harvest on all areas, mini garden in Main Village and Island, etc.
                    Current Play-style and Goals
                    1. Finish all wonders asap. When I am awake and don't have meetings back to back (e.g., can look at my phone every 30 minutes or so), all my "free" smurfs on Island and Mountain are diving and digging non-stop. When I need Stardust, it is the same for Space. I try to build at least 4 Wonders concurrently.
                    2. Get enough coins to not worry about money. Diving and digging require a lot of coins. Same with Message In the Bottle quests (plant Magic Honeydews?). I have about 130K gold at this point. To compensate, my Main Village and Grove farms and harvests all the time.
                    I will update my progress as a dairy as frequently as possible.

                    Ask me anything!


                    • Completed wonders: Carousel, Mining Machine, and Weather Machine.
                    • Completed second stage of wonders: Volcano and Gingerbread Hut.
                    • Bought Lucky in Space (20 SB) and Gummy Smurf's Hut in Space (40 SB).
                    • Increased my Smurf population in Space to 70 (from something 40). This cost most of my remaining coins (down to 20K), but hopefully farming Gumballs will be worth it. I am looking for an expected return of ~57K coins per day (well 26 hours to be approximate).
                    12/08/2019: 203K gold, 63 SBs, Resources: 1329 - 2157 - 439 - 411 - 88 - 85 - 66
                    • Completed fourth stage of Sands of Time Wonder.
                    • Bought Swoofy Greenhouse (20 SB).
                    • Made one of the biggest mistakes of my life and played 5 SB version of the Karate Smurf game. This was actually an accidental click. I wish they asked for confirmation (as they do when we purchase SB items), but the game does not. Won a yellow crab
                    • Decided to use most (61) of my Swoofs to farm Magic Shrubs instead of Dye. 20 will continue to farm Dye.
                    • Got another star for Blueberries and Carrot from the game master's free round. My blueberries are now 3-star.
                    • Decided what to buy soon with SBs. Of course the list can change, but without any ordering, it looks like:
                      • Space: Space Storage Hut (25 SB), Space Critter Storage Dome (30 SB)
                      • Grove: Storage Shed (30 SB), Rainbow Fountain (25 SB), Speluking Caves x 7 (10 x 7 = 70 SB), Smurfilly's Grove Hut (I wonder if this gives free Smurfs) (30 SB), Gardener's Smurf Hut (35 SB)
                      • Island: Storage Shed (30 SB), Marina the Mermaid (30 SB), Harmony's Hut (30 SB), Pirate Hut (20 SB), Trophy Smurf's Hut (35 SB),
                      • Mountain: Mountain Storage Hut (25 SB), Barber Smurf Hut (25 SB), Miner's Mountain Mine (30 SB), Jokey Smurf Hut (35 SB),
                    12/09/2019: 201K gold, 58 SBs, Resources: 1456 - 1823 - 385 - 393 - 99 - 95 - 74
                    • Total SB gain: 25.
                    • Stable gold. A little reduction on SBs; understandable as I spent 30 on the Critter Storage Dome. Increased Wood, which is good. Decreased stone, explainable by the Volcano wonder. Also, some decrease on both Dye and Stardust, again explainable with Volcano and the fact that I started building the next stage of 2 wonders at the same time. Good increase on rare seeds, which is due to the fact that I planted Forget-Me-Knots almost throughout the day.
                    • Completed third stage of wonders: Volcano and Gingerbread Hut.
                    • Bought Critter Storage Dome in Space (30 SB) --- I was hitting the critter limit 125. Since I will be using Smurfs to farm coins in Space, this was a necessary evil.
                    12/10/2019: 214K gold, 103 SBs, Resources: 1796 - 2291 - 570 - 431 - 122 - 129 - 93
                    • Total SB gain: 45. I accidentally (again!) started playing the 5 SB round of Detective game, which by the way I could not finish because I was not able to find the last fingerprint. This pissed me off so bad that I (ab)used traveler's video to gain some extra SBs and resources.
                    • Stable gold, especially important since I built a lot of Smurf condos in Space and Grove (I had none in either place). Increased resources although I started building two more wonders, probably thanks to non-stop diving and traveler's card game.
                    • Started building the second stage of wonders: Botanical Garden and Spooky Mansion.
                    • Bought the final raft (10 SB)
                    PS: Mods, if this thread does not belong to this sub-forum, feel free to move it. If this thread does not belong to the forum at all, feel free to remove it completely

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                      Now that the registration problems are solved, I can finally do this...

                      Smurfy greetings, I am shad0wsmmurf. I am new to the forum, but not new to the game, as I'm level 31. grove work is expensive as the dickens... I have quite the know-of when it comes to these blue buddies and blue babes and am still figuring out certain things in the five villages there are. In addition to Smurfs' Village, I am also playing Smurfs Bubble Story and Smurfs Epic Run and if anyone else is playing Smurfs Epic Run and needs a bit of advice, feel free to ask about strats.

                      I'll pop in from time to time and even smurf in a few with you. And, I'll do my best to keep it G-rated, especially since I'm more of the 14-rated individual.


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                        Hello ~ I am Kelli - I started playing Smurfs Village almost 7 years ago - initially we set up a small family grouping for our granddaughter so she could visit other villages, but eventually her uncles and mom stopped playing and that left only grandma’s village to visit - so my progress was been slow. Retired now, with more free time and I am really enjoying all the different villages. This forum has been so helpful. Have a wonderful holiday celebration everyone.