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New Smurfs TV series is now in development!

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  • New Smurfs TV series is now in development!

    Hiya everyone! Thought some of you might find this interesting!

    A new animated series based on Peyo's iconic comic strip The Smurfs is in development. IMPS, which has held the license to the franchise from Peyo since 1984, is working on a new animated series with Dupius Audiovisuel.

    "The Smurfs TV series produced by Hanna-Barbera in the eighties is a highly successful series, still being broadcast on a global scale," said IMPS President Veronique Culliford. "But creating a new series, giving the Smurfs an updated look, was just a logical next step for the property after three Hollywood movies. We are very happy to embark on this exciting journey with the Dupuis group, one of our historical partners on Smurf comic books and animation."

    Episodes of the new The Smurfs are scheduled to run 13 minutes each.

    "Our collaboration with Peyo on Smurfs goes back to the first publication of the Smurf character in the magazine Spirou and the co-production of Hanna-Barbera series," said Dupuis Audiovisuel CEO Leon Perahia. "We're delighted to be able to use our experience in bringing comic book characters to life in service of this marvelous and enchanting universe."

    No release date for The Smurfs has been given.

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    Wow! This is very exciting! Thanks for sharing this info, Spelling Bee.

    13 minutes per episode, though? We haven't had TV for several years... do commercials now take up more time in a 30-minute slot than the programs?😳


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      it seems it'll be 3D animation. but as far as looking at the picture above, they look smurfy and good! hope it would be a hit TV series again! ( even though i think it probably won't appear in TV in my country😢 )


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        Cool I love it! Thanks for sharing ☺️


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          It will be cool to see what they do with it! [But 13 minute episodes? Not sure I understand...]


          • Purple!
            Purple! commented
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            Maybe it's two episodes in a half hour time slot. Most of the old episodes featured more than one story to fill the time slot.

          • Cupcake
            Cupcake commented
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            Purple! I hope so!

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          Well, the image above looks like so far so good, but no one has ever been able to replicate the feeling and look of the classic cartoon or comics yet, the new movie came the closest, but it was still miles off the mark. Hopefully the 1980's Smurfs that we remember, personalities, stories, characters, and look are all replicated and lovingly updated in this new cartoon.


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            I will remain cautiously optimistic about this..... I did like the Lost Village movie, but felt like it was lacking substance. Keeping my fingers and toes crossed that the new cartoon stays true to the original.


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              I pray the series make it soon!I would be so happy to have new episodes to watch!


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                So someone at the Smurfs wiki dropped that the animation will be similar to The Lost Village, and the series will probably come out later than expected. The good news is, Peyo's daughter will have a hand in it as you probably have read, which is great IMO.


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                  New cartoons would be better!


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                    The cartoons from lost village might be nice to watch but as as any classic stuff,the old Smurfs are adorable just as they are,I want them!