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Share what prizes you've won from the new Valentine's Balloon Mini-Game!

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  • Share what prizes you've won from the new Valentine's Balloon Mini-Game!

    Some of my prizes playing with sb's

    Still no sheep 🙁

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    No sheep either, like the fountain though, the smurfs interact with it when it is placed


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      FINALLY after 100's of SB I got the sheep Wow this has been the hardest one to get so far !!! Isn't she beautiful

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      • Smurfy-smurfy
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      • CindySmurf
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        She is indeed beautiful. Happy for you Nat.

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      Valentine's Float
      Heart Jacuzzi
      Koi Fish Pond
      Butterfly Bath
      Phantom of the Smurf Costume


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        Butterfly bath
        Smurf costumes
        Numerous fountains
        Valentine float


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          I have played over and over-with the free round and the sb round.

          Here's what I have won:

          Many tic tac toes.
          Swan floats
          Butterfly light
          Phantom costume
          Heart lampost
          Owl couple
          Chocolate tiered cake
          Standard with hearts flag
          Heart wreath
          Valentine feast table
          Flower fountains
          Heart lanterns

          But alas, no Valentine sheep. I also want the jar of candy and the valentine pile. I will keep trying.


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            I will say i've played a few SB rounds, and the prizes are pretty decent. I've got the swan float and koi pond, the splashy fountain and a few other things.


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              I have played the 5Sb rounds cos I really want to get the sheep but its really upsetting to be wining items available under Circus Smurf that I could have easily exchanged with the tickets collected in the Circus game! And the repetition of gifts especially for the 5sb rounds are upsetting!

              Free rounds:
              hearts flags
              heart wreaths
              heart mushrooms
              heart trees
              heart bushes
              heart lanterns
              heart candles
              Valentine teddy bears
              Valentine cupcake stands
              Valentine feast tables
              drinks tables
              gift boxes (heart shape and exclusive prize)
              balloons (heart shape and balloon trees available from circus smurf)
              decorative crystal balls

              Flower fountains
              Koi Fish Ponds
              Chipmunk Familys
              Swan float
              firefly lantern
              costumes - Phantom, philgrim and exclusive costume
              popcorn carts (available from circus smurf)
              Heart jacuzzis
              30 dye!
              Smurfette's butterfly bath (several which I cannot store or delete!)


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                I finally caved and got this game. Does anyone have a screenshot of all of the top prizes?? I searched and couldn't find any on the forum.


                • Evanna
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                  Or maybe you are lucky again I'm pretty sure if I tried, I'd get one of those swan wagons again or a fountain...

                • FaryalSia
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                  The swan float makes me the angriest lol

                • FaryalSia
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                  AlleycatttSmurf Evanna I just got another lover bird pair lol I still don't have the four aforementioned prizes. Do you guys know which ones are SB round versus free rounds?

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                The firfly lantern is a prize, too? I played this game so often but never won this