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[Android] Magical Meadow repeatedly tries "Connecting" to my Facebook account but fails to do so

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  • [Android] Magical Meadow repeatedly tries "Connecting" to my Facebook account but fails to do so

    Tried to access game and had trouble at the beginning. It kept trying to connect to facebook and then flick back to the start screen and then back to facebook.

    Seems to be a server issue as it certainly will not be this device being that it is a samsung galaxy s10 + 1 tb of internal storage, 12 gb of internal ram and the game did work on this device until just before. It seemed to struggle connecting and my internet connection is fine as it is 4g. Please fix this

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    Please fix this game it is a server issue as it is not connecting to your server at all it keeps trying to connect to facebook and then your server and game will not load as a result


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      The game is not staying logged into facebook account it keeps asking to confirm facebook account like it does when you first access game. You need to fix this asap


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        This game is pretty much unplayable in this state


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          So this is what the game is doing. Took a video and pretty sure it is a server issue to do with logging in and connecting the game to facebook. The game was fine up until yesterday when I tried to access game and noticed it had logged out of facebook and when it tried to log back in kept going to log in screen but would not and then would go back to bongfish server trying to connect and game just would not load.

          Here is the video I saved to youtube being 100mb in size cannot email it to bongfish. Please send this to the team to look at and fix. This is a new phone I am playing on witn 1tb of internal storage and 12 gb of ram running android 9.0 pie so not the device as game was fine 2 days ago


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            I am seeing exactly the same behavior on my Android device, a 1 year old Samsung tablet.

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          It does not open any more when it's conected to Facebook.


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            Hi there debbles smurf, Pemby, and Simone Coutinho. Thank you all for reporting this issue. I'll be sure that Bongfish is aware of the issue.


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              While the issue is being fixed I have found a workaround to allow players back in. Yes it will be a pain in the bum but at least we can still access our games

              Reset the data of the app in application manager and then go into the game. Yes it will ask you to sign into facebook and google play games and agree to the terms and conditions and select the email attached to game. Each time you want to re enter game this method will need to be done.


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                Don't bother logging into facebook within game this way can access game without issues.