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Will be be getting new updates if Flashman Studios and Bongfish take over Magical meadow?

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    Any update on the horizon in 2017


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    With the recent bug fix update. Does that mean there’s an update in the future?


    • Twinkiepie
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      Dear Jason, Apple is currently updating zertificates of Apps, that haven't been updated in a longer time by their developers. This is currently happening for all kind of Apps in the App Store and doesn't mean that we are currently working on an update for Magical Meadow, unfortunately. We will of course announce any plans/updates being made on the forum. Sorry, if this has caused confusion!

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    I know I am probably the only one who is still interested in this game and I know there werent any news regarding this game, but does Bongfish have any plans to update this game at all or will they only focus on original SV.

    We were told that they will focus all thair resources on original SV to fix bugs etc. but after they get it back on trach that they will focus on other Smurfs games. It has already been a long time since Bongfish took over and there are still no news about any other game


    • Spelling Bee
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      Pandemonium The sheer amount of work needed to get the original Smurfs' Village to where it is now has been a massive undertaking. Bongfish still has quite a few things left to do before they can proceed with their original plans for Magical Meadow.