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[AP] Unable to play Podcasts or listen to external music on my iOS device while playing Smurf Life

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  • [AP] Unable to play Podcasts or listen to external music on my iOS device while playing Smurf Life

    While playing Smurf Life, I am unable to listen to podcasts or external music. I can start audio playing but any screen tap causes the audio to stop. Smurf village had the same problem when it first came out but Beeline quickly corrected it. I don't understand their reluctance to fix Smurf Life the same way.

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    Spelling Bee, do you know when this will go from being an "Acknowledged Problem" to having a "Fix in Progress"? This has been an "Acknowledged Problem" since the very first iOS version of the game. Every single update I excitedly hope for this to be fixed and I am disappointed every time.

    If I am reading the Problem Status post in this forum correctly this means that the studio is not even working on a solution to the problem yet; they are still trying to identify what the source of the issue is. It would be very much appreciated to hear when this will become a "Fix in Progress" or at least to know why this is such a very complex problem to solve that no progress has been made on it in almost a year.


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      Hi Nerdy. I have absolutely no idea as to if or when this feature will be added to the game. It's not necessarily a problem since it has never even been possible to do this in the first place. It could be added at some point, or it might not. I can try and ask, but it's one of those things that probably has a very low priority.


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        Thank you for following up with the studio Spelling Bee! I look forward to hearing what they have to say about possible timelines for addressing this.


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          1.14.0: Yet another update without this issue being addressed.


          • Nerdy Smurf
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            I wish they would realize how important this is too people since it has been asked for in every single update for more than a year.

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          Shouldn't this topic really be listed under the 'Share ideas for Smurf life' rather than 'Report problems with Smurf Life'? This is clearly something that some people would like to be added to Smurf Life but it has never been in the game therefore is not a bug - so is really not a 'problem'!