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How do I use the Solar Amulets in Smurf Life?

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  • How do I use the Solar Amulets in Smurf Life?

    I read that the solar amulets make the sunstone more effective, but I can't see where I can equip the amulet or otherwise use it.

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    Hi Carielf. The use for Solar Amulets has changed over time since the game was first introduced. Currently, you can craft Solar Amulets or Purchase them from Papa Smurf. They can then be used to upgrade the Crafting Stations. For example, if you go to the Potion Mixer and tap on it you should see that the very first recipe is the Potion Mixer itself. The first time you upgrade it will just cost you 7,000 tokens. The second time, it will cost you 10,000 tokens and 1 Solar Amulet. The third and final time it will cost you 15,000 tokens and 3 Solar Amulets.