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What do the Life Potions do in Smurf Life?

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  • What do the Life Potions do in Smurf Life?

    Hoping someone sees this, but I don't understand what a life potion exactly does. I just unlocked it and the description isn't helping me much. Does it restore all the resources of one resource? like all the corn if you pour it on one corn? Does it do that? Does it do that only with flowers, or also with other stuff? I am curious, I probably won't use it as it takes to much time to make one, but I would like to understand it.

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    Hi Essiw. From what I remember, the Life potion will restore one harvest for all of the flowers in your village. So, say you harvest them all and use the potion, you can go and harvest once from all of them again.


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      Thanks a lot Spelling Bee (also, that is a lot of storage space you have )


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        A lady can never have too much closet/storage space! lol.