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Tips for contacting Customer Support with "What You Need" and "What To Expect"

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  • Tips for contacting Customer Support with "What You Need" and "What To Expect"

    Hey All!

    Just wanted to make a little post here to inform you of what you can help us with when contacting the customer support.

    - Payment Issues, Missing Items / Currency

    If you have a issue with a payment, the best thing to make the process as easy as possible is to provide us with the Support ID and Receipts for the payment. When you are looking for the Support ID this can be located in the Main Menu > Options > Legal/Support in Smurfs Village. In regards to the receipt please make sure that you either attach the receipt itself or you can take a screenshot and attach this. We need to be able to see the receipt to verify the payment in order to process the request further.

    What you can expect in this situation, it might be the case that after sending items or currency that it can take 24 hours however this is a maximum and should be a lot less, this is the same for reactivating VIP status. It could also be that the item / currency or VIP status doesn't come through, if this happens please do let us know.

    The receipts for payments made are able to be reimbursed one time by us, however under very specific circumstances can we assist further if there is a really issue we will always look into doing what's best for you all.

    -Technical Issue / Bugs

    If you have a tech issue with your device or game, there is sadly at this moment a limited amount that we are able to assist with. As devices are different from one to one it's quite hard to support technical issues. However we will always try to work with you to get down to the bottom of the issue regardless of how long it takes. Please keep in mind that sometimes it's just not always possible for us to help and would redirect you to the support of your device.

    We are always looking out for bug reports, when we receive a bug report from the players, what happens is that it will be sent to a team here to be looked into. Bugs need to be reproduced so we are able to fix them, in some cases bugs can be rather complex and hard to fix and find. However we will continue working on them and get them all ironed out.

    In some cases we cannot always contact you back after reporting a bug due to the amount of traffic we have at certain times it would not be possible, however you are always welcome to recontact or keep a eye out on the forums / Facebook and the smurfs update news.

    If you ever have a technical issue or wish to report a bug, please do provide us with your device information, game version, support ID "located in the same area as above" screenshots if possible, and anything that you think would be helpful, like the details of what you where doing when the bug came up.

    Backing up your game and learning how to do this with iOS is great also I would recommend anyone using iOS to look up how to do this with iCloud and iTunes.

    - Suggestions

    If you have a suggestion, please do speak up! there is nothing better than reading players suggestions on how to better the game and other aspects, you can do this via the support site or even better here on the forums, "" I look forward to reading what you guys come up with and what is already there!

    - Customer Support In General

    As mentioned before on the post, we are always looking to assist everyone to the best of our abilities, in some cases it's sadly not possible due to policy and process or just simply because it's out of our control to do so. While I totally understand that some of the situations are frustrating, be it with bugs or payments or technical issues, please remember we are only trying to do what we can for you. Sadly it's not always possible to keep everyone happy, but we will do out best.

    My hopes for this post are to help people with the process of customer support contacting, also in some cases what to expect. I hope this is fine for all and please do leave a comment or suggestion if you would like to.

    Wishing you all the best