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What can I do to fix my game that has been broken now for the last couple of years?

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  • What can I do to fix my game that has been broken now for the last couple of years?

    my smurf village broke a couple of years ago when the big glitch happened. I stopped playing as tried to contact someone to get it fixed but I never heard back. I would really like to start paying again. How can I fix my village? My pelican won’t work. I can’t get to the island by boat, I can’t save wood or stones, my fireman trucks have gone so can’t collect all XP at same time. How do I fix this please?

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    Try contacting Customer Support again, as ownership of the game has changed. Also, please tell us exactly what device you are playing on, and with what software!


    • #3 Is the link to the new support if you don’t have it.


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        Melthatsme Hello and welcome to the Community Forum! As Cupcake noted above, Beeline is no longer the developer for Smurfs' Village. The new developers (Bongfish) took over the game shortly after all of those major problems happened. Ever since then, they have been fixing problems and making major improvements to the game. Smurfs' Village now has many new features, and it's overall stability is the best it has been in a very long time. Bongfish also has a much better Customer Support system in place. Odds are the reason you never received a reply originally was that you were contacting Beeline Customer Support instead of Bongfish. skydiver118 has provided you the link, so please submit a new ticket with them.

        To be completely honest, it might not be possible to save your game, but if anything can be done, Bongfish will do their best to try. In the event you do have to start over, Customer Support will work with you to restore your purchases, and can even restore lost levels in some instances. We wish you luck!