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Is it possible to gift or send some of my items to friends or other players?

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  • Is it possible to gift or send some of my items to friends or other players?

    Hello everyone,
    can i give my items to other Players? And if its possible then how? Though Facebook?

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    I don’t think trading or “giving away” items to other players is something that can be done (other than the gifting items).
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      Hi duvogelein,
      Yes, you can gift items (from a specific gift list) to other players' villages. Currently the system to add players to your 'friend' list is limited to Facebook. The Bongfish team are reviewing this for us, and will hopefully have a brand new gifting system for us soon!!!


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        Caro I may have misunderstood, but I think OP was asking if it’s possible to give away items that he has in the game. As in separate from the gifting items?


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          I think it was meant as an inquiry about items in general as well. The answer to that, unfortunately, is no. You can only gift a few selected items from the special gifting menu when you're in a friend's village, you can't choose any random itm. I wish we could! Would be great to be able to send someone an item that they really want and that maybe we own multiples of, or that we want to send them because they love it so much and we want to make them happy.


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            Yeah, as the others have said, all. you can gift is what’s in that gift menu.
            But if I had a feature I’d like to add that would be it.

            I play on two devices, and eventually, unless Apple makes an iPod 7, the game on that device will end because the device will die and I won’t have anything to transfer it to (My other game is on my iPad so can’t move it there)

            I would love to take my resources and unique items I have on the iPod and transfer them over to my iPad (Especially the smurfberries I’ve earned on that device)

            Maybe if they can ever get the friending sorted out it can be considered....or maybe just isn’t mean tto be - like transferring from iOS to Android.....just something that can’t be done.