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Can Bongfish please give us an updated list of every item that can currently be obtained from the Mega Mystery Boxes?

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  • Can Bongfish please give us an updated list of every item that can currently be obtained from the Mega Mystery Boxes?

    Is there a way we can get an updated list of what is available in the boxes? I found some old graphics that showed all of them but I'm convinced some of those items are no longer in the boxes.

    For example I've spent thousands of Smurfberries and never gotten puzzle Smurf, doctor Smurf, the hut with the bird nest on top and a few others.

    Has anyone ever gotten these from the mystery boxes?

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    ''Ever'', yes. In the past, people seem to have received them. Of the three you mentioned, I only have the birdfeeder hut. The other two are who knows where. Same with a number of other EOs like Finance, Smurflings, Cupid, Miller, etc.

    They always said they never took any items out of the boxes, but I also feel like some aren't in there anymore or have a 0.00000001% likelihood of showing up.


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      No I never got anything good just loads of crop stars and cheap sb items . Opened around 20 boxes @ 60 sb each


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        You do get a ton of crop stars when you are just starting game master. I swear when it started that’s all I ever got. Bear with it and you will get the stars then you can start getting regular prizes. Although after more than a year of game master boxes - free ones that is - I never get anything new anymore. Just more copies of the same the point that I have more candy apple huts or smoothie shacks than I can place. It’s just how it works when there is a limited number of prizes and you get one a day - so 365 plus all the boxes you can open with the keys you earn.

        I had a poor experience with the 60SB box and never opened any more. I got the eagle, which is readily available in the free box (I think I have about 10 of them now) so I just don’t bother with it.

        Honestly, I’d put the 60 SB box in the ‘I’ve built all the wonders and have bought all the smurfs I want so maybe I’ll open a box a week just because I have berries to burn’ category. Some players certainly seem to have fantastic luck with the boxes, but for most of the others their luck is like yours and mine, mediocre at best. To the point that I personally find the 60SB box to be a waste.


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          Spelling Bee I just strongly feel this is something that needs looked into. There are certain items that never appear to "drop". Again, I've spent thousands of Smurfberries. I'm not sure that's the spirit of this thing. When you have 10 of the dentist Smurf but 0 of the doctor, it seems something is off.


          • Spelling Bee
            Spelling Bee commented
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            AJ Smurf I'm working on it.

          • AJ Smurf
            AJ Smurf commented
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            MUCH appreciated.

          • AJ Smurf
            AJ Smurf commented
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            @spellingbee Have they identified an issue with it yet? Can we at least get the items offered as an EO that never seem to "drop"?

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          I'm just happy with the free ones and key ones. I have some cool stuff. I can't afford the 60sb ones!!!


          • skydiver118
            skydiver118 commented
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            A lot of people can’t. But that is one thing about the game, it has to have things that appeal to all players....meaning those that have been building their villages for a week vs those that have been with the game for years.
            Also those that play mainly for free, vs those that play with real money.

            As such there will always be things that appeal to some but not all.

          • Tamara Abbott
            Tamara Abbott commented
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            I've been building mine for years and have spent money and worked hard to have what I have and am grateful that. It is one game that can be played without internet because I don't always have internet but I love this game and can keep playing no matter what.

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          Well when a new update comes I play the mega box’s. I won the Headless Horseman after trying about 6 times and a lot of other repeats. Only to find that when I went to place him in my village that Tracker Smurf’s said I was done with a task and I lost my HM. Man was I upset. Put a ticket in Bongfish was nice enough to give me another one. Thanks goodness. I have the best luck playing the mega box’s right after the updates. Like the last one one I played again and one the of bird for my Grove and the little greeen dragon. Stars for my flowers, and another HorseMan, a glow single bunny. And more repeats. But my internet crashed so I lost about half off them. I was going to the mountain to but my little green dragon up there, it was gone. Upset! So I went into my Grove and my bird was gone!! Upset again!!! But a ticket it Francis said he couldn’t help me this time. So I said to myself ok. No more mega box for me! They can keep them. If they put them in a EQ I will buy them if I want them. Sorry this is getting out of hand. 60 SB is a lot. To just keep on repeats. I play and don’t go back and reset my game.


          • Evanna
            Evanna commented
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            When you say the items were gone after crashing, do you have your SB again? Or are the SB gone that you spent on the boxes and the items?
            Because if the SB are gone as well, I would recommend you to recover your village. That way, you will lose some progress, but your SB will be back.

            In case you haven't done it before: You can recover your village to a previous midnight save by clicking on the sign in the bottom left corner, then choose settings, and then the third button down, load backup. This will show you a list of past saves. You can preview each of them. Check the most recent one or the one before that and the amount of SB you have there. If it's the right amount from before opening boxes, click the back arrow and then agree when it asks if you want to load this backup. Any progress you made since then will be lost and any purchase as well. But you can get the real money purchases back if you send Bongfish a ticket with your bill proving that you bought the item.