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[iOS] Screen rotation glitch after watching videos with Traveler or the Video Hut in version 1.53.0 - 1.53.1

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  • [iOS] Screen rotation glitch after watching videos with Traveler or the Video Hut in version 1.53.0 - 1.53.1

    After watching maybe 5 or so Traveler videos, the screen shrinks and locks. You can’t pick a card. I had to double tap the home button and quit Smurfs. Then when I got back to the home screen, my dock was gone. I tried to attach that picture of that but I got an error. In order to get my dock back, I have to turn my iPad off and back on. This has happened a couple of times today.

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    I just upgraded to 1.53.1 on my ipad and experienced the same thing. so sorry guys, i’m not sure what it was fixing but it wasn’t the video issue. OR if it was fixing something in the video hut it broke traveler


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      Tokenxx skydiver118 The Development Team is currently aware of this issue and hope to have it fixed soon.


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        Spelling Bee THanks. While they’re at it can you ask them if they switched ad providers? I completed a task from the halloween week double berries list that should have been worth 400 berries, but when I look in my tasks list in teh video hut its only there for 120 berries and it says I already contacted them which I have not. It also lists things I never did so I think that list is whacked because it also has both my iPod and iPad with the same Fyber ID number which they shouldn’t have.

        If i”m never going to get my berries I’ll just delete that game and get my megs back.


        • Spelling Bee
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          skydiver118 I did check on that for you and the answer is yes. I will speak with Customer Support about this and see if we can do anything about getting your correct rewards.

        • skydiver118
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          It would be awesome if they did but if Easy come, easy go. LIke I said, I was just going to delete the other game anyway once I completed my task so no harm, no foul.

          APpreciate you taking the time to check.

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        Spelling Bee Thanks!!!