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Share pictures of your Papa Smurf hut area!

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  • Share pictures of your Papa Smurf hut area!

    I am building my village, and I already have ideas for decorating several Smurfs huts, but I have nothing to decorate Papa Smurf's hut.
    Please send me pictures so that I can be inspired.

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    This is a cute idea

    Papa Smurf doesn’t get enough attention these days, I’d like to see what others have done with his Hut too.


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      Thanks, and yeah, when I see his hut in the villages, it's usually in some random place or near the normal Small Pink Huts. But the people here have huge projects and a lot of creativity, so maybe Papa Smurf's hut is also incredible and creative.

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    im currently redecorating, so have nothing to show.
    but I do have ideas..

    In a previous version of my village, his hus was a little outside the cluster of houses. He had herb gardens, books and different items packed around his hut. Rack of potions, tools and candles.
    i figure, he wanted to be away from all the chatter (or at least have an escape opportunity) 😂

    in anothe setup, I had his hut deep in a forest, still with his potions, but a lot of animals close by too.

    in the current major rearrangement of my MV , I’m trying to make the area farthest from the beach look like it’s at high altitude, I do that with rocks, trees and a lot of clouds and rivers.

    I try to imagine what fits his personality, and then tell stories around it. My nephews get to play sometimes, and their stories are amazing, so I just let them run with it, and we develop a separate universe of Smurf stories and laugh at their crazy antics!


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      Very cool and cute ideas, I'm putting some rack of potions, books and stuff like that too, and a hot tub, because Papa Smurf was stressed so Handy built it for him. In my village, Papa Smurf lives near a Tropical Swimming Pool and some items that Smurfs can interact with, because he likes to watch the Smurfs play and have fun.

      And it is also very creative to tell stories together with your nephews. It must be really fun.

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    Sounds great!
    i look forward to seeing your smurfy results. 😊

    and yes, playing the smurf game with the kids is a lot of fun, the trick is to open up their creativity, and when it happens - few things can make me feel happier! Kids are the best!