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Will be be getting new updates if Flashman Studios and Bongfish take over Magical meadow?

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    Are online features not working for anyone else? For example, when looking at my club goal list, it says: ''NEW CLUB GOALS ARE AVAILABLE'' and when I click on it, it tells me there is an update and ask me if I want to update my game but it is up to date... I am running on the latest iOS, on iPhone 5S.

    I also got a quest asking to rate 5 villages but there seem to be no way to rate a village when you visit one...


    • Spelling Bee
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      Online features should be working. The Update for New Club goals thing is a bug. When you visit a village, you need to give it a thumbs up. That should complete the quest.

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    This game deserve to be save by the new developement team. As, it have a lot of potential when introduce back then but lack of new content and update bring to its downfall. Try look into it again after settle with th SV 😉😉


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      Good Evening, has

      I would like to know if there are any plans on updating the smurfs magical village. I have already completed all the levels. It has been a long time since an update has been released.


      • Twinkiepie
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        Dear @Damserra

        I have moved your post to this topic about Magical Meadow. The team is focusing on Smurfs' Village at the moment and we would announce any further news about Magical Meadow on here. Please feel free to read through this topic and ask questions