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Will be be getting new updates if Flashman Studios and Bongfish take over Magical meadow?

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    Are online features not working for anyone else? For example, when looking at my club goal list, it says: ''NEW CLUB GOALS ARE AVAILABLE'' and when I click on it, it tells me there is an update and ask me if I want to update my game but it is up to date... I am running on the latest iOS, on iPhone 5S.

    I also got a quest asking to rate 5 villages but there seem to be no way to rate a village when you visit one...


    • Spelling Bee
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      Online features should be working. The Update for New Club goals thing is a bug. When you visit a village, you need to give it a thumbs up. That should complete the quest.

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    This game deserve to be save by the new developement team. As, it have a lot of potential when introduce back then but lack of new content and update bring to its downfall. Try look into it again after settle with th SV 😉😉